Do Women Find Beards Attractive?

So you are growing a beard and having the similar question like everyone else.

“ Do women find beards attractive? “

Well, let’s start with a research

According to this research, your facial hair determines the attractiveness in a much higher way. They conduct this study with around 8500 women & asked them to rate the physical attractiveness based on their beard.

Do women find beards attractive?

It was manipulated using computer graphics.

& the results?

Close shaving men got the lowest rating from those women. While stubble was the most popular and attractive type of beard, on the other hand a full grown beard was a sign of real manliness.


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According to that research, this stubble beard recognized as a factor for short term relationship and full beard as a long term relationship.

To those who searched for a long term relationship was likely to choose men with full grown facial hair. The researchers believe that long beards make a man more “formidable” in a strong way which in results gives women a sense that they can provide them what they want.


Are beards attractive?

The answer is : Yes.

Are beards attractive?

Women finds a beard really attractive. But first, you need to go to the nearest mall and buy your beard grooming kits after reading the review from AuthorityAdviser.

Here are some more options for you to choose from:

Reason why women think beards are more appeal to them:

1) It’s A symbol of strength:

Beards symbol of strength

Many women tend to get more attracted towards men with full grown beard. There are various reason for it. One of them is strength & Confidence. Don’t you think a full beard man look more fit and strong? Women think that they can really be the one strong person for the whole family. It’s also a symbol of security for them

2) It makes you stand out from the crowd:

The world is filled with clean shaven people. What makes them unique? Nothing. On the other hand, bearded people are different. They do not afraid to become something different than usual. So from the women perspective, it’s really a win point.

3) Symbol of manliness:

Beards Symbol of manliness

Oh boy! Hell yeah. It’s a perfect example of real manliness. Look at the other famous and tough people. Majority of them are wearing beard. A real man grow their beard and manage it like a pro. People find it a little difficult to talk with a beard man at first meeting. Why? They are having little fear like “ what if I mess with him”?


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4) Patience:

We all know that you just can’t grow a beard right away. You have to take care of it for months. Need to do everything it takes. So what is the bottom line? It’s a symbol of patience. If a person have that much of patience just to grow a beard, he can do everything with patience. That’s why women prefer to select a beard man over a clean shave.

5) Mystery:

A full grown facial hairy man can portrays an image of mystery. & guess what? A mystery man can be sexy too.

6) It’s good for health:

There are lots of benefits of a beard. We will get you a good check list of that soon. But for now, let me tell you one good advantage of it. They can protect your face from harmful ultra violate rays by up to 95%.

7) It has a history:

We probably do not have to describe the history of beard. In earlier days, it was really a serious business. People treated them as a sign of prestige and manliness. Look at the champ of history from all over the world. Majority of them were existed with a strong full beard.

8) Good looks:

When a beard man dress up for any event with formal, or even casual, he looks very attractive. It adds a sense of the strapping woodcutter complemented by a stylish outfit.

9) Keeping you warm:

Beards are like a sweater for his face. It keeps the face warm during the winter. It’s a natural fighter against cold. Women can sometimes play with the beard. J

10) Symbol of wisdom:

Beards Symbol of wisdom

If you have the ability to grow beard, it’s a sign that you have become much wiser and mature. After all growing facial hair is attributed to puberty.

11) Sign of commitment:

Do you think it’s easy? No. it is a big deal to commit something. If your man is growing a beard means he is commit to his inner voice. Which indirectly can help your relationship making long lasting. He is a fantastic man who is really willing to take care of himself on the go.

12) Other men respect him:

Its huge. A beard really demands respect from others. Remember, when a man really grow his beard with full passion, he generates alpha status from it. In results, he can show up first time for any event. Other people can look for his advice. In short, he becomes a leader among the community.

Hmm.. the list will continue to go on. There are more than hundreds of reason why women prefer beards and find it more attractive. No shortage of information here. So what are you waiting for? Just grow a beard and see the magic it brings.

in case you want to start, here is a good starting point.​

What do you think?

Do women find beards attractive?

Are you willing to put the effort to grow your beard?

Let us know in the comment section


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