No matter how much we want to believe on how appearances don’t matter and what really counts is the inner matter.

But, the truth was, is and will always remain is that appearances do matter because the exterior is the first impression.

You don’t crush on someone by knowing them, you just like them instantly. And that is what happens when we literally swoon over the beautifully managed and perfect ‘diva’ of our office.

Men and women do admire her for different reasons but the bottom line is, everybody do want to look at her and wants to know her secrets to having flawless skin, luscious hair, perfectly applied makeup and overall up-to-date attire.

So, it is now time to stop thinking and start acting as we bring the secrets of how to maintain hectic schedule, unending meetings, and personal life along with your appearances.

How the busy routine will no longer steal away our ‘me’ time in which we sort out our looks and groom ourselves for the following week.

Why: before moving forward to the highlight of the day, we want to also tell you the importance of why should you maintain your personal grooming routine for making your corporate life easier and fun, and a lot more attention-grabbing, too. Thank us later!

The key point is to always remember ‘every impression is important’ and if this doesn’t help, then ‘groom yourself everyday as if it is your last’ because trust  us, taking care of your personal  hygiene, neat and tidy attire, styled\tamed hair with fresh face can do wonders.

Corporate is life long, and you may feel apathetic more times than needed but this excuse should not make you want to withdraw from getting up every morning and grooming yourself for the day.

When you feel good about your appearance, it reflects on your mood and frame of mind. You feel positive and do everything with your heart in it.

People around you will take you seriously because it is human nature to admire the ones who stay tip-top as it is not everyone’s piece of cake.

So, moral of the story, your corporate life is to be dealt carefully with, no one wouldn’t want the investors to look at them and withdraw their decision of investing just because they don’t like the ‘homeless’ look.

And as our treat, we’d split up the tips and tricks separately for men and women.

Men: men start to earn money through odd jobs or either going to the proper office since tender age to when they retire at an average of 65. Their sole purpose seems to be this, which is why they often lax behind on their personal grooming routine because they either are fed-up or simply want a break. For this purpose, we picked out the easiest tips to follow which will demand less and give more.

  1. Hygiene hygiene hygiene: if writing it three times doesn’t do justice to its importance, then we really want to emphasize on the point that people might ignore your saggy clothes, 2 weeks’ worth of beard untamed but they won’t, or ever will compromise on your neglected hygiene.

No one will come near and listen to you let alone take you seriously if you smell like rotten tomatoes with long nails filled with visible dirt.

The easiest ways to maintain your personal hygiene is the normal routine you’ve been taught to follow from your mother but apparently, you forget it and try to take shortcuts. Believe us, there is only one way to achieve it and that is to ‘practice’ it daily.

Brushing twice and flossing once is mandatory, compulsory, without a doubt needed for everyone. Brushing not only helps in refreshing the breath but also keeps the teeth in healthier state to prevent cavities. Flossing provides extra cleaning for added protection.

Secondly, trimmed nails are a must because handshakes are the most common act of welcoming and showing gratitude in corporation. Bit or uneven nails are not acceptable either; properly trimmed ones should be option. The level of personal hygiene says a lot about the person, so take it seriously in order to be taken seriously by others.

  1. Hair everywhere: either the crown on the head or on the face, they need to be maintained.

Face is the first and foremost important representation of you. Untrimmed facial hair worth of weeks might not be a very pleasant sight to see for you colleagues. The impression is not a positive one if your hair is growing from behind your ears or upon your forehead.

The neat and tidy look starts from the hair maintenance, which is why you should never skip on the barber’s appointment or ditch your daily or weekly routine of trimming hair.

If you want to have a beard, there is a way to rock it. You still would have to trim certain areas for the beard to look presentable.

We’d like to sum all up in one word, manscaping that includes:

Nose: trimmed hair in the nostrils to give a clean look.

Brows: properly tweezed brows for a tidier look.

Armpits: shaved for prevention of bad odor.

Facial hair: immaculately shaved beard.

Women: personal grooming and women are like candy and sweet. Most women are conscious about their personal grooming situation and they do go an extra mile to maintain it. But as all candies might not be sweet, similarly, not every woman out of all fret about her grooming. And this article is for them to try the simplest tips which can be easily performed.

  1. Personal care: this one stands first again due to its infinite importance in every human being’s life.

Women who work should take extra consideration into maintaining their nails. Perfectly manicured nails with subtle colors on them would be the best choice. Bright and shiny nail paints look more like a girl’s thing and a little inappropriate for the office setting.

Secondly, going easy on the cologne is the trick. Many people think that smelling good is the goal while they forget that accurate amount of smell application is the goal. No one wants to get nausea if they sit beside you. Remember, less is more. Apply it.

  1. Skin care: skin care is the fastest path to look and appear ready and fresh.

Dark circles underneath the eyes must be hidden or treated to maintain a fresh and awake look; sleepy heads in the corporation might get in trouble.

A little bit of makeup is healthy because it imparts color and life to your skin. Avoid dark and bright eye shadows, false eyelashes and heavy makeup as they don’t fit in the setting. Subtle is the key!

Attire: the attire you choose must be thoroughly picked up and thought over. The basics include no cleavage, bare belly and shorts. While the things that drop into the list where you do have the leniency are if you want to do casual or formal. Many office settings are easy going on the clothing, and some are not. So for appropriate dressing up, you should pay attention to what your colleagues wear and how strict the rules are.

Jewelry is a good option but again, when put on moderately. Catchy, heavy and noisy jewelry is never to be opted for office, while hula hoops, decent necklaces and hand pieces are admirable and add the much needed touch to the overall look.

Heels are your life saver. When nothing goes right, wear heels. They give you the lady-look which is often taken seriously in the office and always spice up the outfit. I wonder if they were solely made for offices.

  1. Manners and ethics: the way you talk, walk and eat are also the groomed you. This is the type of grooming many people lack in because they underestimate its importance.

The proper gait, manners while eating and speaking are domains to be mastered. So, pay attention to this type of grooming for long lasting success in every field.

Conclusion: moral of the story is that making and following a routine eases the tension, effort and concern for maintaining the proper look. Following a routine helps you in organizing the tasks along with extracting time for you. You’ll have plenty of time to groom yourself and ace the day ahead.  The check points to always adapt to are hygiene, attire and manners. These can either make you or break you. As the appearance and personal hygiene are the criteria for judging the people in office. Unfortunately, going looking like a homeless would not make the boss happy enough to grant you the promotion you worked hard for. Working hard is not the only demand of the corporate life but working hard with style, cleanliness and good-looking appearance are also included in the ‘requirements’ section of every office. So, sit down and write down a routine to start from tomorrow and stun everyone!

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