Wahl Lithium-ion 9818: The Review

Wahl Lithium ion 9818 Review

Review Of : Wahl Lithium ion 9818                                                   Use Of : Overall Groomer Performance   Overall performance including battery is quite good   Ease of use   Plain & easy going. But a bit of learning curve.   Our rating   Entirely based on our testing & features   Price   Not a high ending … Read more

Do Women Find Beards Attractive?

Do Women Find Beards Attractive

So you are growing a beard and having the similar question like everyone else. “ Do women find beards attractive? “ Well, let’s start with a research According to this research, your facial hair determines the attractiveness in a much higher way. They conduct this study with around 8500 women & asked them to rate … Read more

Is A Beard Without A Mustache Okay?

A Beard Without A Mustache Is Ok

When a person growing a beard for the first time, they often have many questions inside their mind. One of them is – “ Is a beard without mustache ok ?“ “How will I look if I shave my upper lip but keep in lower beard”“How would I look without a mustache?” Basically, the entire above questions … Read more

Andis Supra ZR: The Review


Review Of : Andis Supra ZR                                                 Use Of : Shaving Purpose Performance   Performance is really high   Ease of use   Little bulky but at the same time slim too.   Our rating   based on our testing & features   Price   High-end. We Like Ceramic Blade. Can easily use other detachable blades. … Read more

Panasonic Es8103s ARC3: The Review

Panasonic Es8103s ARC3 Review

Review Of : Panasonic Es8103s ARC3                                                   Use for : Shaving Purpose Performance   Rock solid performance   Ease of use   Easy to use. Even if with your wet hands   Our rating   Rating is based on features & our experience   Price   Not the cheapest, But best at this price range … Read more

Wahl Detailer 8081 vs. Wahl Trimmer 8290

Whether you are a professional barber or home junkie who loves to use a professional trimmer, this comparisons guide between the two famous models of Wahl 8081 vs. 8290 will give you enough knowledge to start with. Before starting, we want to keep you remind that this two models are made specifically for professional use. … Read more