Defining 5 O’ Clock Shadow : Are You Still Confused? Read About It Here

You may or may not be familiar with the title, but it is something you must have gotten a chance to listen to quite a few times.

It seems related to time, and of course, shadow.

When I had it for the first time, I thought it as a word to define the shadow reflected on the clock when it’s 5. Ha! Beat that.

It is far more meaningful than the absurd ideas we all try to create to fit in. It is something girls look for in a boy and then drool over him if they’re lucky to witness it.

It is the charm, the most essential jewel and the pure, strongest magnetic feature of the boy that just does the trick. It attracts the girls like a bee on the hives, all together and crazy!

What is in store?

​In this article, all of you amazing audience will get to know about the majestic tool of the mankind, 5’o clock shadow. How to achieve it and what different types of shadows are there that do not stand in the same category but it is good to know about all of them.

 So, here is what we’ve been making ground for.

Definition : What is 5’O clock shadow

It is a kind of stubble in the form of short, spiky hair which appears on a man’s face after few hours of shaving, mainly in the afternoon or evening if the shaving was done in the morning.

In other words, it is a growth of tiny hair as a beard on the chin, neck, and cheeks of a man who shaved in the morning.

Formerly known as ‘designer stubble’ as it was rocked by some high-end, elite actors such as Don Johnson and George Michael, the bristly stubble has again found its way in the fashion world.

It is thought that this look gives the hottest look to the man in question. It instantly changes the appearance from young, fresh-faced looking to a rugged and raw looking gentleman.

It can be a little hard and hectic to maintain, not to forget, time-consuming, too. But boys, it is all worth it in the end.

It creates an impression of a bad boy’s gangster look with an aura of strength and power around him. Also, it is a big yes for boys who want to make their face appear thinner and sculpted.

5’O clock shadow is what actors and celebrities rock at red carpets because it never really worn out and always works for everyone.

It is a look that never disappoints as it makes the jaw and cheek bones prominent to give the ultimate Greek God’s face.

How to achieve it:

It is easier to achieve but arduous to maintain. The key is to have enough patience, the kind of patience when the boss is yelling due to his frustrations and you have to be all ears and accept your UN-attempted mistake.

The easiest and simplest steps to follow and get the voluptuous and sensual look are:
1. Prepare your beard:

the first and foremost thing to do is do not razor-shave your beard for 24-48 hours to make the hair grow a little longer than required for the look; so that you have enough edge during trimming.

2. Get a trimmer:

​Ditch the razor and get yourself a​ stubble trimmer as it is easier to shorten down the length of the beard with it. We have created the best guide on the internet about it. check out the handy guide called " best stubble shaver for men" here.

​It all comes down after testing & throwing more than 500$ on various devices. If you really serious about getting a perfect stubble looks, just read the reviews & decide.

3. Get the look:

It is better and advisable to shave the beard neckline which is the hair between the jaw and Adam’s apple. Moving forward, set your trimmer setting to low and start trimming the edges of the hair of your beard/stubble. Low setting helps to adjust to the pace and movements of the hands that are required and a must. Shorten down all the hair of the beard to give a graduated length.

4. Repeat: ​

Do the process every morning to maintain the signature Hollywood look.

Other shadows:

​There are other clock shadows that may not mean the same and as decent as the 5 o’clock shadow does. They are all on whole new and different levels such as:

1. 6 o’clock shadow: It is an informal slang to state about the stubble (growth of short hair after shave) on testicles of a man.

2. 7 o’clock shadow: it is the presence of small hair on the intergluteal cleft which, in simpler words means hair in the split area between the two cheeks of the bottom when the person misses a shave.

3. 9 o’clock shadow: this is a type of shave performed when a girl gives a blowjob/head to a man with a mouthful of alcohol. When the man ejaculates in the mouth of the girl containing alcohol, it creates a mixture which the girl spits onto the pubic hair. That mixture is creamy in nature and the man lights it on fire to shave the hair clean.

4. 15 o’clock shadow: when the person keeps the 5’o clock shadow for three days.

Whether you struggle for other shadows mentioned above or ignore them, you have to try out the first one, no matter what. 5’o clock shadow is the king of all, immediately attracting the queens to the feet.

It may or may not seem appealing to you, but one try is a must to figure out what suits you better. Similarly, it is the best and most befitting look of the face to rock with a body fitted suit.

Forbidden drool worthy look in no more than 5 minutes. What more should you want? So, all the species carrying an XY gene should, must and need to go for 5 o’clock shadow for minimally once so that the girls can have more of men they desire, the kind of hot, killer looking boys with a strong sense of manliness and power around them.

For more awesome style tips and information, visit regularly. Let us know if you have anything to ask.

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