Role Of Biotin In Facial Hair Growth : What’s The Catch? Find Out Here

In the current advanced era where technology has brought knowledge to the tips of mankind, everyone knows tidbits of medical science more accurately than compared to the last century, and to be more specific, it was only 17 years ago.

The expanding wisdom and the growing fire of knowledge that has managed to engulf everyone who has got the access to the basic necessity called ‘internet,’ has helped many people around the globe to find remedies, tips and health benefits out of which one is of huge aid and abet commonly known as Biotin, which is the man’s life saver.

Whenever you hear about biotin, the first thing to come to mind is hair growth. The vitamin is known for its effects on hair growth, specifically, facial hair growth.

Many people out there are trying supplements only because they contain biotin and claim to be effective in achieving the target to make you more of a man than you are.

What is biotin?

Biotin or vitamin B7 is a water soluble vitamin of the B-complex formerly known as ‘Vitamin H’ or ‘Coenzyme R.’ The chemical composition of vitamin B7 consist of the fusion of ureido ring with tetrahydrothiophene ring with valeric acid attached to one of the carbons of tetrahydrothiophene.

Where to find it?

Biotin deficiency is difficult to occur because intestinal bacteria can synthesize biotin in the body which compensates for the loss in the external diet. However, there are several foods that are rich in biotin which may include the following (1) (2)

  • Egg yolk
  • Nuts: almonds, peanuts, walnuts.
    Nuts: almonds, peanuts, walnuts.
  • Soybeans
  • Whole grains
    Whole grains
  • Bananas
  • Mushrooms

Why take it?

The benefits of the vitamin B7 are too many to be true.

Biotin is basically a super vitamin which saves every organ of the body and gives more than expected.

From generating energy in the form of glucose to metabolizing fats and protein to build up the mass of the body is only one of the aids that the vitamin provides.

(1) Biotin does this by acting as a coenzyme for five carboxylases (enzymes) that carry out the reactions to metabolize glucose, fats and amino acids from the food intake.

It also helps immensely to improve hair growth, nourishing skin and healthy liver.  The positive effects of biotin on hair nail and liver is due to its function to produce glucose which is the basic energy source for every organ of the body.

When biotin is deficient in people who take raw egg for many years or malabsorbed patients, following complications are monitored: (6)

  • Notable hair loss.
    Notable hair loss.
  • Loss of natural hair color.
    Loss of natural hair color.
  • Nails become brittle.
    Nails become brittle.
  • Dermatitis; Skin rash with characteristic reddish in color with scaly nature.
    Dermatitis; Skin rash with characteristic reddish in color with scaly nature.
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Hallucinations

  • Paresthesia of the limbs
    Paresthesia of the limbs

Biotin for hair growth:

Biotin has been on the mind of many researchers for quite a time due to its uncertain function to improve hair fall.

Many research has been conducted to find out about the role of biotin in hair growth. Unfortunately, no direct link has been found between hair loss (alopecia) and deficiency of biotin but many commercial supplements in the market claim to give long, thick and silky hair with biotin as one of their main ingredients.

The Similar well-known brand which is Viviscal Professional Supplements is proven to reduce hair fall and improve the overall health of the hair. (3)

Rumors are not entirely false, there’s always a drop of truth in their birth. That answers our doubt of whether biotin helps in hair growth or everything is a fluke.

The fact that there is some kind of evidence and a hypothetical link between biotin and promotion of hair growth is sufficient enough to try out the supplements available for men to improve beard growth.

Market offers many varieties of brands with their significant prices for experimenting. Many reviewers have actually claimed to see a clear difference in hair fall before and after using the biotin supplements for beard growth.

They were recorded saying how the biotin reduces their hair shedding which basically made their beard look healthier and thicker.

Biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss and thinning of hair which is backed up by the research in which it says that of the women complaining of hair loss assessed for serum biotin levels, 38% had values consistent with biotin deficiency (<100 ng/L) and 13% optimal (>400 ng/L).

(4)But, the underlying mechanism through which whether biotin promotes beard growth is not yet established which sows the seed of doubt.


According to one of the theories, biotin is thought to promote keratin production and strengthening in the body which is the main constituent of hair and nails. (5)

This may be the prime reason behind brittle nails and hair fall if biotin is deficient. This effect on keratin accelerates the process of better hair and nail maintenance.

Keratin is a protein out of which hair and nails are made, the abundant quantity and higher quality of the protein must trigger the production of new, healthier hair and nails as the protein is the raw material needed for the production and maintenance.

How to take it? 

Although, biotin is present in natural food diet intake but it is not harmful to take additional supplements of it.

Regardless, if anyone takes medicines for improvement of the hair and skin, the taken drugs do contain biotin no matter if not scientifically proven yet.

So, it is better to know about the quantities that are safe to be taken according to the state of the patient which are as follows: (2)

  • Infants: 7 mcg
    Infants: 7 mcg
  • Children: 7 mcg
  • 1-3 years: 8 mcg
    1-3 years: 8 mcg
  • 4-8 years: 12 mcg

    4-8 years: 12 mcg
  • 9-13 years: 20 mcg
    9-13 years: 20 mcg
  • Adults: 30 mcg
    Adults: 30 mcg
  • Pregnant women: 30 mcg
    Pregnant women: 30 mcg
  • Breast-feeding women: 35 mcg
    Breast-feeding women: 35 mcg

Brands that offer:

There are several famous companies and brands that offer reliable and tested supplements for facial hair growth.

The main constituent on which their claim is based is the presence of biotin in the pills. The Recommended dosage is added and these supplements are advertised due to the back-up provided by the hypothesis that vitamin B7 is one of the B-complex vitamins which helps in hair and nail growth.

They are bought by thousands of people for trying and experimenting purposes and many of them find the pills helpful. Such recognized brands are:

  • Natrol: my favorite multiple take one
    Natrol: my favorite multiple take one
  • Reborn labs: dietary supplement
    Reborn labs: dietary supplement
  • DoVitamins: Vita beard
    DoVitamins: vitabeard
  • Nature’s bounty: biotin
    Nature’s bounty: biotin
  • Organic trace: beard garden
    Organic trace: beard garden

On multiple websites selling supplements containing biotin for beard growth, people have seemed to ask for the reviews and the authenticity of the claim that biotin triggers beard growth. we have also one guide that completely demonstrated each facial hair growth products. These products do include biotin as well. Here is out guide to finding the top facial hair growth products.

Other things that promote facial hair growth:

Due to the undeniable importance of beard growth of a man linked to his overall health and unfortunately, manliness, many men want to know the remedies and tips to help their cause.

They go to the limit of purchasing high-end, expensive drugs for the mentioned purpose but to no avail.

There are some other effective and vital components that may help in maintaining a hormonal balance of the body that is the sole reason behind normal and abnormal facial hair growth. They are:

-> Get enough sleep to keep running the system better.
-> Reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Stress leads to unwanted hair loss and also causes the immune system to weaken.
-> Always go for a balanced diet. Well-balanced diet provides with every nutrient and vitamin in an appropriate amount to be most potent and useful.

What is the quantity that turns biotin into bad biotin?

Based on research and evidence, there are no adverse effects of biotin if taken in high levels.   Many patients taking biotin from 15-20 mg/day to 200 mg/day have been found to be completely healthy with no visible and examined side-effects.

This does not mean one should highly intake biotin for beard growth because excess of everything is bad.

And biotin will trigger possible hair growth even in recommended daily amount; excessive intake might not be beneficial at all.

So, it is better to avoid the risk and unnecessary work to consume such hectic amount of biotin daily. 


After all the arguments and discussions on the internet and in reality about the accuracy of the notion that either biotin does or does not promote hair growth, it is still advisable to give it a try.

Facial hair of any man has the biggest influence on the self-esteem and confidence of the person.

It is a bitter sweet reality of how the facial hair and beard growth of the man is often associated with how manly the person is.

Sadly, the topic related to no/less facial hair is harsh enough for men to sweat over their condition which is why these supplements are gaining popularity and hype for the promised function they offer.

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