The Best Pomade For Men

“ What is the best pomade for men ??

I want the Best men’s pomade….

What is the amazing pomade I can use right now… “

Tell me, how many times you have searched above phrases?

I know.

Probably a lot.

But, you know what?

You are missing something.

Your questions are NOT more focused towards a closer goal.

In this amazing pomade buying guide, we are going to help you to find a perfect hair care product for you.

Our Top Pick

best pomade for men

Suavecito Pomade

I kid you not, whether you are having a thick, curly, thin, fizzy or normal hair, this guide is for everyone out there who is looking to style up hair.

The aim of this guide is to provide the necessary details at one place so you do not have to look for somewhere else.

Once we done with all the products, we then go for some advance stuff like what types of pomade you should use or how to select the best one based on your preference. SO,

We strongly suggest you read the later portion more carefully. Or else, you are going to miss essential information for sure.

At A Glance : Our Reviews For The Top Hair Grease for Men In The Market For2020

For us, Suavecito managed to get the number one position in this pomade review post. The reason is - it's extremely popular with a reasonable price range. We picked it based on the needs of our readers as well as by looking at their wallet too.

American crew on the other hand is our second choice. It's simple and one of the top performing pomade for the frizzy hair guys. So if you have a curly hair, this would be a ideal option.

Though, it's not get you more shine, Imperial Classic is still a considerable option with a good hold capacity.

Guys with thicker hair would love this product. Baxter's popularity is growing day by day and there is a reason to it. It's so good that you can't resist.

Now, the 5th one is from Uppercut. It's a water soluble pomade with some matte finish which will provide a bit of more shine.

Please note, there are few more products we have reviewed along with the above item. So, to know more about them, you need to scroll down.

Hair Grease for Men

Our Top Picks:

#1. Suavecito Pomade [ Best & Affordable ]

best pomade for men

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Suavecito is one of the best pomade out there for guy like you and me. Having said that, a lot of people have desire to use a wax instead pomade.

If you are among them, this product is for you. Personally, I like the way it holds your hair. It is farm and strong.

It’s like a strong wax with water soluble. Meaning, it is water based pomade.

Does it dry? No it won’t. As a result, you can re-style your hair anytime you want throughout the day.

Ideally, it can be used for any type of hair but, you would want to go specifically with curly hair.


Guys with tough hair will likely to fall in love.


Reshape able, flakes free and modern pomade with a decent price tag.


Fair Price with a high demand.


  • As it is design for some serious tough hair like curly, the holding power seems to be stronger than they mentioned.
  • Reshape-able. Meaning, you can give whatever style you want with just adding some little water.
  • You can expect some moderate shine from it. Not more than that.
  • No worries about flakes. Water based and super simple to wash out.
  • Smell is clean and nice.


  • Do not over use it. Especially if you have a thinner hair. It can look really greasy.

#2. American Crew ( Best pomade for curly or straight hair )

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Next up, we got American crew. It has become a household product as most of the barber uses it in their shop.

It has got some mix reviews with some good pros as well as some disadvantage. Let’s check what it has got.

If you have a long & straight hair, or even a curly one this pomade is a great fit. This water based pomade does its job well with medium hold power and a strong shine.

It is definitely one of the best pomades for men out there. Who does not know about the brand huh??

Ability to give your hair any style you want with a freshly smell, this beast has its own position to hold up your hair for a decent amount of time.


Awesome pomade for straight and curly hair.


This is one of the best pomade for curly frizzy hair. However, not recommended for any short thin hair. It’s all about medium hold and average style.


High Price


  • Best for straight & curly hair.
  • Water based pomade
  • Can be washing out easily.
  • Shine level is high
  • Nice and fresh scent
  • Less flakes
  • Fovorite for barber's.


  • Holding power is medium. Not for those who is looking for a stronger hold.

#3. Imperial Classic [Best water based hair pomade for men with thin hair]

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Having an Asian hair? What about a thin hair?

Well, cheer up .

This product is for you. It adds volume to your thinner hair while taming thicker and uncooperative hair. It contains vitamin B5 who is also responsible for strengthening & protecting your hair, while also keeping your style in place.

It is one of the classic pomade which comes with strongest holding power with a water based model. I like the way you can adjust the holding strength depending on how much water you put on your hair.

For example- if you need a light hold, apply with water or on damp hair while the strongest hold can be achieved with a slightly heavier amount on dry hair.

And the best part?

You get an amazing hold with the simple convenience of rinsing out the product clean and easy.


Amazing hold with easily washable capacity.


Overall we can surely say that it is one of the best pomade for men at a certain level. But, we need to keep you remind that, it has some certain cons such as low shine. Few people prefer a larger context of shine and if it’s you, we are sorry to say, you would be disappointed. But, if you have a thin or curtly hair, it’s a great addition to your grooming list.


Pricey as well.


  • Comes with a great hold
  • Water based.
  • Ability to restart your style anytime. (Just add some water & you are good to go )
  • Easily washable


  • Not very shiny.
  • Scent is not up to the mark ( Kind of having a fruity flavor. )

#4. Baxter of California [ Best pomade for thick hair ]

Image Credit:

Not just a pomade. It is much more than that.

If you have a thick hair and unable to control it, give this beast a try. You will not regret it. No matter you condition, it will tame that thick hair into place.

Having the natural ingredients like beeswax & clay, it is one of the top pomade for men. Prefer a matte look? No problem, it is strong, flexible but not so dense it cannot be used to style and hold dry hair as well.


Low shine level with a decent scent.


One of the best pomade for thicker hair.


Price is on high end.


  • Best use for a thick hair.
  • Shine level is low. If you prefer a good hair grease with a low shine, then this one would be your bet. Just go and grab it.
  • Scent is decent. Not overpowering.


  • You may experience some flakes. [ depending on your uses ]
  • May cost you little extra
  • For those who need more shining, it's not worth for them.

#5. Uppercut Deluxe :

Image Credit:

It is a water-soluble product suitable for a diverse range of styles. It is one the best pomade for men out there. One of our team members is using it and he insisted us to include it here. We are taking reviews directly from him. Do you want to listen to him directly?

See yourself in his voice:

“” [ Alright, guys.. this is Dan. I have been using this Hair Grease from uppercut and pretty much liking it from day one. There are so many reasons for favouring this and I am explaining all of it. Just give me few minutes:

First off, it has a medium to strong hold power. I am not a super hardcore person so it has been perfectly matching up my style.

& the shining is also in the medium range. It has a gel like texture with a slight matte finish…but hey.. do not get confused. Its not a gel. “” ]

Forgot to wash out before sleep? No worries. It will not make your pillowcase colourful.


Having good control power with mixture of coconut and vanilla.


For us, overall review is good. & the best part is - it's water soluble.


With a considerable price, it can help you to make some amazing hair style.


  • Good control power.
  • As it has some matte finish, it will shine a bit.
  • Got some light coconut mixed with vanilla.


  • Smell is not really nice. [Although, it may differs from person to person]

#6. AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade ( Best for black men too )

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Axe has been in this industry for years. I am sure at some point in your life you have used at least one product from this company.

Axe is a brand with reliability. And more importantly, they are meant for guys.

It is suitable for all types of hair with decent volume and can be used once regularly. You are definitely allowed to use more if you want.

But, we recommend using any hair product only once a day. It comes with a medium to strong hold capacity and can adopt any hair style with just a little water.

It also gives you a nice and clean shine but do not expect much though. It is just one of the natural looking pomade in the market.


It is one of the heaviest as well. To wash it out, you may have to use shampoo as well as some efforts from your end.


General hold power with a decent price tag.


Gives you a natural looking shine with a mid to strong hold.


Price is ok. ( A little higher, I guess )


  • Medium - strong hold.
  • Natural looking shine
  • Usable for black men too.


  • May face some hard time during washing out.
  • A bit pricey compare to other quality pomades out there.

#7. Smooth Viking [ Best for silk & messy hair ]

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If you are a beard lover, you probably heard about the company. The infamous smooth Viking.

Well, they are not just a beard brand. They also produce high quality pomades for men.

This is their one of the cool pomades with water based model that will provide maximum shine, sleekness and control to any hair type.

Product is usable for any types of hair like thin, thick, curly or straight.

If you’re looking to lock-in your preferred style without all the needless hassle, this product is perfect for you. Simply apply a small amount to your hair, style it and you’re done for the rest of the day!


Made in USA with a decent price.


Fair price with multiple hair style ability. See the verdict section below to know more.


Fair Price


  • Price is reasonable
  • Water based.
  • Nice scent
  • Made in the USA


  • Hold is medium.


As it supports multiple types of hair, along with a fair price, the pomade does its job well. Because of the water, you can easily wash it out at night. Smell if quite good. But, the holding power is not up to the mark. Keep in mind that depending on your hair type, you may find it useful as well.

#8. Uppercut Monster Hold

Image Credit:

Hold on.

Monster is coming. Ha ha.

Just kidding. Well, as you probably know, the name of the pomade saying something. The product is designed for those, who need a strong hold.

I mean really extra strong hold. & the best part?

It’s sweat resistant.

Meaning, it is one of the best pomade for men who are associate with sports activity. & for those too who likes to have some extra hard core power.

It does not give you a perfect shine but at the same time it does not leave your hair looking dry as well. Once you apply, you will see a natural shine through out your hair.

This is just an insanely hardcore choice.


Good holding strength & washable product.


Overall, the product is ok. For those who are more into outside, can use it to hold up their hair.


Price is reasonable too.


  • Pretty good at holding your hair
  • Can be washed out without any issue
  • Suitable for people who is into heat.


  • Some people complaint that it does not hold the way it is marketed.

#9. Dapper Dan Deluxe Medium Hold [ Best smelling pomade ]

Image Credit:

Who wants to smell good with their pomade today??

Ssssh.. you are about to experience something really cool.

The dapper dan pomade is one the best smelling hair pomade for men out there. It comes with two flavours like honey and vanilla.

Apart from it, it is flexible for a more professional look.

What’s more?

Water based soluble pomade.

It has a medium hold and shine to match up your style.

Anything else to add?

Easily restyle your preferred design with just a little water and you are set for the whole day.


Killer smell with an amazing flakes free system.


As of now, It has really nice scent but on the other hand, price is high as well.


High end product.


  • Medium hold and shine power
  • Easily washable
  • Water based
  • Smell is freaking awesome.
  • Flakes free.


  • It’s pricey.
  • Few people find it occasionally dries more like gel than pomade

Types Of Pomade & Which one you should Pick:

Do you know there are two types of pomade?

One is water based & another is oil based.

Let’s start with water based pomade:

What is Water-based pomade??

Water based pomades are considered to be the “modern age pomade”. Nowadays, people tend to love it more as they are easy to wash out. It mostly consists of water & few different ingredients which we will discuss in a later post.

Benefits of water based pomade:

The biggest plus point of using it probably the easy process of washing out. Most people like to use water based during the summer as it has the ability to maintain the hairstyle throughout the day.

Another advantage of using a water based pomade is that the chances of acne and breakouts are significantly reduced as the level of greasiness is typically little to non-existent.

Disadvantages of Water Based pomade:

Although, there are not many noticeable minus point, few people seem to have still complaint about it. The first one is price. They tend to have a higher price compared to oil based.

Secondly, they do not last for a long time. Once your hair saying hello with water, they are gone. Thus it requires you to use more & more than an oil pomade.

What is an Oil based pomade?

Now we have oil based hair pomade. These are the traditional products that have been around for years.

How can you figure it out?

Well, look at the ingredients & if you see terms like petrolatum, petroleum or soft paraffin in the first place, then it is an oil based product.

Unlike water-based pomades, oil-based pomades are unable to be dissolved by water. So even after you wash your hair, you will still have some pomade left over for the following day.

Which leads to a better condition for the next day and you do not have to apply a large portion of pomade again.

Advantage of oil based pomade:

Consistency is the key of this product. They tend to hold more time and does not require large amount of application on a regular basis. Also, some of them provide you more shine finish compared to water based.

While it largely depends on from brand to brand, most of the time you will experience the same with an oil based pomade.

Disadvantage of oil pomade:

As you already know that it is very hard to wash out once you apply it. If you are like me, who does not like to have it all day long or even for more than few hours, we recommend you to go with the previous one [ water based ]

Acne is another negative aspect that can occur if you are not careful when applying your pomade. So if you are starting out, definitely we suggest you to use water based pomade.

It’s very hard to show you a direct path unless and until we know your preference or hair style. We recommend you to do few things-

Decide your style first. If it really does not matter and you just want something to hold your hand, read the benefits and cons of each type. Then choose one.

It’s hard. I know !

But, you got to choose one at least.

If you ask me, I would go for water based best pomade for men rather than trying to hold my hair for a long time.

For me, I like to stay away from chemical as much as possible and when it comes to hair, I definitely do not want to mess with them.

Want more information?

Keep reading:

 Men's Hair Grease Reviews: The Complete Buyer's Guide

Choosing the best hair pomade for men can be divided into two categories. One is – knowing what you buy & another is guessing.

For this moment, we are focusing on the first part. Which is knowing.

Hair Grease for Men

Guessing? Are You Serious?

Here is the thing: If you buy or select any product without reading reviews, you are throwing money. Buying guides like this provide an in-depth amount of information for you to absorb and prevent future mistake.

It is our core responsibility not just providing you the complete pomade reviews, but also the necessary information comes along with it.

Things Used In hair pomades: Little Information You Should Know


Before we start digging, we need to find out what are the ingredients used in a pomade. In general, water based pomade starts with WATER. Though you can find the terms like -

teareth-20, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, Polyurethane-14, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Ceteth-20, AMP-Acrylates Copolymer. PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Zemea® Propanediol, Butylene Glycol, PVP (Firming Agent), Phenoxyethanol 4, Fragrance, Phenyl Trimethicone, Isoceteth-20, Caprylyl Glycol, Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine, Ethylhexylglycerin, PEG-8 Beeswax, PEG-45M.

These are hard terms and does not need to be remembered.

On the other hand, we have oil based which can have ingredients like Beeswax, Microwax, Petrolatum, Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil etc.

Choosing A Hair Grease based on performance & your desire:

Now, coming to the main part. This is the actual portion you should care. To find the best pomade cream, you need to ask the following question:

A) What am I trying to achieve?

B) How much time do I want it to hold my hair?

C) What Types of hair I have?

Depending on your preference and personal choice, & of course the type of your hair, you would want to choose a specific one which can provide you the best possible results.

This guide is suitable for finding any types of pomade whether you have a thick hair, curly hair, thin hair, or fine hair.

Now, let’s look at some frequently asked question you may have:

Question: Which pomade is better?

Answer : There is no perfect size answer for this question. Different people have different kinds of hair and choices so it is better to understand it at first instance. However, you do have a choice of choosing an oil based pomade or water based pomade.

Question: Which pomade smells best?

Answer: Almost all pomade comes with a decent smelling quality. However, we have experience few brands that completely does not care about it.

Question: Which pomade has the best hold?

Answer: If you need a strong hold power, you have to go with oil based pomade. They tend to perform well for this purpose and have the capabilities to hold it for a very long period of time.

Question: Why is pomade better than gel?

Answer: for most men, pomade seems to be the great fit. There are various reasons for it. A gel can hold your hair more than pomade but it will make your hair crunchy and weak. Gel is best for those styles which need a maximum hold such as spikes. On the other hand, best pomades are used for a variety of hair styles.

Question: Can I expect shine from hair pomade? If yes, what kind of?

Answer: There is absolutely no doubt about it when it comes to shining. A pomade can shine your hair but it’s totally depending on the product. Some will give you low shine, while you can see some high level of shine from other.

But, you definitely need some personal testing before grabbing/finding the perfect one. So, our advice is to use few different products for few months. We guarantee you will find the sweet spot.

Question: What types of hair can handle pomade?

Answer: let me tell you, it may not be a tool for every style but, they tend to work really well with a wide range of hair types. Like-

Thick hair: you have a thick hair and want to apply some pomade? No worries. But do keep in mind that never try to over-apply it.

Curly Hair: I see people with curly hair often complain about it. You do not need to. There are pomades out there for curly hair as well. As you know it offer moisture, you can expect your hair looks textured instead of frizzy.

Wavy Hair: Although you can apply pomade on your wavy hair, they seem to not work as much they do on thick or curly. But, if your waves are not very long, you can always work around with it.

However, there are few hair styles that tend not to work properly with a pomade. Those are:

Long hair: Of course, it will not work on a long hair. You need to use a leave-in- conditioner to handle your really long hair.

Question: How much do you need on a regular basis?

Answer: well, if you are using an oil based pomade, you need to apply once and in the next day, you probably do not need that much. It is harder to wash it off though.

Again, if you are using water based pomade then you need to use the same amount on a daily basis. The question is – how much?

You can start with a fingernail’s worth of product as you would with a wax. If you listen to the instruction, they probably tell you to do more. I guess it’s not required. Apply few for some days and see if you need more.

Again, test with your personal preference.

Question: When should I apply ?

Answer: if you read the instruction from the packet, you can gauge some pretty neat idea on when to apply it. Wet, dry or right after you shower. We can give you some really generic advice to be followed.

Pomade works best with dry hair.

Here is why:

The more your hair is wet, the less power it gets to hold it for some time. That said, most men with curly or wavy hair will find the best finish and application happens with damp hair, rather than dry hair.

Question: How to apply pomade on your hair?

Answer: It’s pretty simple. Take your fingernail-sized dollop of hair pomade and rub it between your fingers and palms. Then apply it throughout your hair.

Also see : Is pomade bad for your hair?


Finding the perfect and top pomades for men is really not a difficult task once you identify the root cause of the need. We have outline the possible situation (that we faced) along with some simple question that you can ask.

However, if you ask us, we do have a favorite one. Want to know?

So, which pomade is best according to us?

Our Top Pick

Suavecito Pomade

As you saw, styling your hair is not a rocket science. You just need to choose the right products.

Do you have anything to ask? What problems do you find when it comes to choosing the right kind of pomade?

Do you think we missed any other best pomade for men???

Do you want to add anything from your experience? We are open to having some discussion. Let us know in the comment section & we will take it from there.

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