Does Beard Cause Acne? & How To Prevent It?

beard and acne

Beard…. It’s officially the worldwide trend now. Look at the road. 5 out of 10 people are having a beard. While the above statement is true There is a downside. Many of those people are struggling with acne under their beard. This leads to thinking that they cannot afford to have a beard. What is … Read more

How to maintain a beard

Having a beard is one of the trend nowadays that is why many men wants to know how to maintain a beard. Keeping their beard maintained is really important to them, it makes them feel more manly, groomed, stylish, sexy and it increases their confidence. But it takes a lot of effort to achieve it. … Read more

How To Grow A Thicker Beard

So, you want to grow your beard thicker and faster? Beard – is a symbol of manliness. it will enhance your physical look and psychological mood. Why? Because a full grown beard is a sign of leadership, masculinity, and virility. But sometimes people tend to find it hard to grow their beard. There is some possible … Read more

Best Beard Care Products For Black Men

Best Beard Care Products For Black Men

Beards are all of the rage right now and we can’t blame anybody for that.   After all, they do add an air of trendy ruggedness to any man’s face. With that being said, beards need to be taken good care of, which can be easier said than done.   This is especially true for … Read more