Is A Beard Without A Mustache Okay?

When a person growing a beard for the first time, they often have many questions inside their mind. One of them is – “ Is a beard without mustache ok ?“

“How will I look if I shave my upper lip but keep in lower beard”

“How would I look without a mustache?”

Basically, the entire above questions boil down to one answer. And that is what we are going to give you in today’s post.

What will you learn In this Section?

Basic knowledge about beard

Why we think beard without mustache is a terrible idea

Some example of beard without mustache with pictures

Related research about beard benefits

Let's Talk Beard without a Mustache

Let's start ->

Before we share our take for " is a beard without mustache ok or not " know that Beard has been in our culture for a long time, in our previous post, we have shared some really cool data that shows that even our ancestors used to grow their beards.

But, again in the late 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s the popularity of beard went down a bit. Now, we are in the 21st century.

Ask a person what one can do to look attractive? He will definitely say – “Grow A beard “

People all around us are now in a race to grow their beard. And why won’t they? Beard has been a symbol of manliness from ages.

Now, let’s come to the main point.

Should you keep your beard without a mustache?

Our answer is –


Before you argue, let us show our different point of view for this.

A beard typically looks good with the full mustache. We are not in the 19th century where we likely to say that – “YAYYY, I have a beard without a mustache.

Mustache makes the beard complete. Having no mustache puts you somewhere ( we do not even know what to say, Amish? ) back in the ages of 1920.

The majority of today’s generation will vote for the beard with a proper mustache. Do not believe us?

Check out the images below and let us know which one you would prefer …

image of beard without any mustache
is a beard without mustache ok

Image Credit : Quora

You may be wondering what about the XMAN?

Well, actors who style a typical or particular beard, they have to do it for the sake of the role. The script demands this type of beard so they do it.

But for the normal people, we like to stay with the perfection.

With that being said, there is a little exception. We are not saying this is against no mustache beards.

In some circumstances, it is good to keep your beard without a mustache. For example – religion purpose.

Moreover, some people like to cut their mustache. So in that case, it is better to opt for a good looking beard without a mustache.

So, for the benefits of our readers, we have put together some really cool beard without mustache style along with the names. We hope you like it-

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Beard Without Mustache Images

1. Mutton Chops Style:

beard without mustache style

You know it. The style has been popular for quite a long time due to the famous wolverine star Hugh Jackman. It is basically based on the sideburns. And the rest of the face is shaved clean.

2. The chin curtain style:

no mustache beards

People call Zac Efron is the lead person of this particular beard style. You can use this style with or without the mustache. There are a number of celebrities who have adopted the style from a period of time.

3. Goatee with chinstrap:

goatee without mustache

Many people have not clarity about “ is a beard without mustache OK or not”.. for those, this is a great way of mixing a goatee-chin strap. They can introduce themselves as a beard without mustache man with this style. Check out the image above for more understanding.

4. Long goatee:

Ah! The loooong goatee without mustache style. This is the oldest (not much) form of beard style and can be done by anyone. To those who have been looking for a beard without mustache, can adopt the style we mention here easily. Check the photo below

5. The Lincoln Beard:

The style is derived from the famous person Abraham Lincoln. Just to let you know that it requires a special attention and maintenance.

6. The chin puff:

Very small, and a little stylish goatee beard is called the chin puff style. We have seen that a lot of young men are adopting it and people also welcoming it. The good thing about it is you do not have to maintain it all day long. Just keep a short portion of the goatee beard & you are set to go.

7. The soul patch:

Some famous celebs have tried this style. Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher are few of them. To use the look, you have to clean the whole face except some small patch on your chin. Even some older person has also admitted that they kind of like this style.

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8. A long beard without mustache:

We have seen it everywhere. And we are sure you have seen it too. So there is no need any more discussion to it. See the image below for complete understanding.

9. Amish beard:

The originality of the beard is from Pennsylvania. To enjoy this style, just let it grow. Keep in mind that it is not suitable for many environments. Such as office work, presentation etc. so we do not recommend that you wear this style.

10. The retro sideburn:

You do not want to look like an alien. Do you? Look at the picture below and tell us a reason to try this out…

11. The stubble Beard:

Now, we can recommend something really amazing. We have told you previously in our closest stubble trimmer guide that, stubble beard is one of the most attractive beards in the entire world. Women just love it. And trust me; they cannot ignore the stubble people. It is a great way to enhance your personality and bring out the real manliness from within yourself. You will find that many famous celebs including Enrique Iglesias have done it. Look at the image below to really understand the style

12. Knob:

The is one of the most popular beards without a mustache. Normally, people use it with a light mustache but you can wear it without too. Keep in mind that, you do not want it to be too long. Once it reaches the required length, cut it. Otherwise, it will take the form of goatee style.

Some additional resources for you:

We are not finished yet. Below we have put together some really cool stuff that we think you should know before growing a beard.

First, let’s talk about the benefits we get from growing some short of beard.

According to this research article, facial hair protects us against harmful UV rays which are noticeable.

Beards keep you young, healthy and handsome- according to this article we found.

Women tend to judge people by their beards. They see it as a proof of social status. – read this for more info

We will prepare a separate post about beard benefits in the future. But for now, let’s look at some key points that you should never do with your beard.

Yes, we are beard freak and want you to groom yourself as well. But when it comes to maintenance, we cannot recommend enough you to read more articles related to it. It is the only way you can stay on the track.

Things you should not do with your Beard:

Do not let your beard JUST Grow:

we agree, when you are growing your beard for the first time, you have to let it grow so that it can reach a certain limit and then you can get a nice look. But if you are not going to maintain it and let the beards grow here and there, we are sure you will end up look like the image below. It may be your facial hair or head hair. Your hair is a part of your journey. So care for it. Nurture it and let It be your friend.

Image Credit : GQ

Cut your neck beard:

Do not hide your neck. So do not forget to shave with extreme prejudice any type of neck beard follicles. We assure you will look good. Trust me.

Do not just grow a goatee

Only goatee form of beard do not look nice. So do not just grow a long goatee. Have some stubble style beard all around the face.

Here is some more facial hair style we found in Wikipedia. Take a look.

Now we have answered your question on “ is a beard without a mustache ok “, it is time to decide. The decision is completely up to you. We cannot make the right choice for you. See it. Analyze it then apply it.

Do let us know in the comment section if you have anything in mind. Share your views. If we find it useful, we will add in here.

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