About Us


What Makes Us Unique

There are lot of other sites that are doing the same thing. So why would you listen to us?

  • We provide in-depth researched article baked by scientific data
  • ​We break down all the confusion related question into digestible piece so that you get clarity immediately about that particular topic
  • ​we have a 24/7 help line where we answer your any question. ( I guess no one is doing this )
  • ​Our product review guides are easy to follow and simple.
  • We recommend only those product which we have used so far.

Who can use this site?

Anyone. If you are a male, you can easily use our site completely free. we mainly focused on male grooming section. our site has currently four sections- 

  • Beard
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Body

Each section is different from one another. ​You will find navigational areas where you can easily pick things up according to your choice.

Our Journey

The site was created in September 2016 with a strong aim to provide better content on manliness. I, as a founder, failed to motivate taking care of myself and overall health. Later, I determine that I have to change myself. And then I started with a proper daily routine. During that time, I find myself in love with my beard. So I decided to create a site focused on beard to share my journey. My main purpose was to share helpful information that I was unable to understand at first. Later I shifted my mindset and decide to make this site as a full grown magazine/manliness website. Since then, we learned a lot from our experience as well as from our readers. we get daily emails from people that our hard work has been helping them a lot. And ​you can't imagine how great feeling it is. The only way to achieve success is to helping other to become successful. We promise to continue doing that till we can. If you love our site, just gives a thumbs up and say hello. you can do so by ​going through our contact page.

Meet Our Hard Working Team

Currently, we have very few hard working people who just loves to dig deeper into manliness content and bring some amazing stuff just for you.

Tim: He is the ​manager of the site. He mainly sees what as a guy we face problems on a regular basis and then record all the data so that we can create great problem-solving  answer for you.

Mark: He is currently the content writer for beard mantra. He brings some massive amount of information from the internet and convert it into bite able pieces of topics so you do not have any problem at the time of reading.

Dev: Currently he bring some cool images for a better understanding of every content we publish here

Alakesh : Alakesh is the co founder of this site and the main man behind the system in place. 

How Can We Help You?

Confused Where To Start?

Tell us what's the one problem you are facing & we will try to sort it our together.