The Best Anti-perspirant Deodorant For Sweating

If you are someone who suffers from excessive sweating, we understand how embarrassed you might feel. There are hundreds if not thousands of products available on the market. & here is the simple truth: Many deodorants simply don’t do the trick.  However, today we are here to help you find the Best Antiperspirant Deodorant For Excessive Sweating, … Read more

The Best Beard Butter

Beards are really cool, but they can be hard to maintain. Beards can get itchy, they can lead to dry skin, they sometimes suffer from beardruff, and taming them for styling can be difficult too. Beards can also get dried out and suffer from split ends. A good beard butter can help with all of these things. So, … Read more

The Best Beard Care Products For Black Men

Beards are all of the rage right now and we can’t blame anybody for that. After all, they do add an air of trendy ruggedness to any man’s face. With that being said, beards need to be taken good care of, which can be easier said than done. This is especially true for black men, because it … Read more

The Best Beard Growth Oil For Patchy Beards

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The Best Body Groomer For Private Parts

Your private parts are delicate and sensitive, so you definitely don’t want to be using potentially dangerous sharp objects when shaving already sensitive areas of your body. However, with that being said, you probably want to engage in some private area landscaping. Too much hair down there might not be the most attractive thing, but you don’t … Read more

The Best Coconut Oil Brand For Hair Growth

If you have weak hair that breaks a lot, is dry, and does not grow well, coconut oil makes for a great solution. Let’s take a look at what we think are the best coconut oil brands for hair growth right now! Quick Navigation MyBest Coconut Oil Brand For Hair Growth Reviews1. Handcraft Blends Fractionated … Read more

The Best Dental Floss For Tight Teeth

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The Best Handheld Shower Head For Low Pressure

Are you tired of showering without enough water pressure? It can increase the time it takes for you to get washed and rinsed off, plus, who doesn’t like the sensation of a good needle-point shower to help you wake up? However, there are some good handheld shower heads that work really well, even with low pressure conditions. So, … Read more