How To Get The Best Open Comb Razor in 2020 ? Reviews & Our Favorite Pick

best open comb razor including beginners

If you are familiar with the stages involved in the shaving process, you definitely want to use an open comb razor at some point. Truth to be told. Not all razors are the same. Some are best for beginners; some are helpful for advanced users. While blades still play a decent role, you should be wise enough to know … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast : Actionable Ideas & Tips You Can Follow

easy ways to prevent razor bumps

“ How do I get rid of razor bumps fast. “? Tell me how many times you have asked this question to your friends or searched online?? We know.. it’s frustrating. Further Reading:Es8103 Model Review​Edwin de87 model reviews​oster fast feed vs wahl senioroster fast feed vs wahl seniorEdwin de87 model reviews Reducing the burns caused by the … Read more

Philips Norelco 7500 Review in 2020 : Is It a Worthy Multi-groom Shaver?

philips norelco 7500 review

Review Of : Norelco 7500Norelco 7500 Insert Image PerformanceEasy To UseOur Personal RatingPriceWe like Good for sensitive skin Can be used as a dry or wet shaver Smart cleaning system Sharp blades to get you almost close shaveWe don’t like You might find it uncomfortable to work with your upper lip. You will not get … Read more

Straight Razor VS Safety Razor : Differences & How You Can Pick The Right One

safety razor vs straight razor differences

If you are unable to figuring out the differences between straight razor vs safety razor, our guide will help. Sit back, relax and enjoy I still remember when I saw my dad using razor during those 90’s. He used to shave twice a week with his black razor. Related Article: Panasonic Es8103 Arc #3 Model : Complete Review​ Click … Read more