The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Having A Beard

Well, Every action has two extreme situations. One is Good & the other one is BAD.

You won’t be able to walk if you choose both of them.


Our favorite word. Is not it?

Well, it has some downfall too. Although it has always been a symbol of masculinity, most people do not like to grow a full beard.

We completely understand their pinpoint and would love to give some of our learning experience to them at the end of the post. But for now, let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of having a beard in detail.

Pros of Having A Beard

It’s a worldwide sexiness.

You can argue with me all over the day, but the reality is people just love growing beards (on a growing basis) nowadays. The trend has taken off around 2012 or something. Women started to accept this as a sign of manliness and you can’t leave behind. Common, even their favorite actor adopted it.

It can add an extra layer of attractiveness.

Are you a gym freak? Do you like to build your body too? If yes, having a beard can take your manliness to the next level. Just look at the image below. Even if you do not like to grow like that one, consider having a stubble beard. & if you need help, our guide on the best scruff trimmer will help you out.

Don’t have to shave every day.

Shaving is time-consuming. Research shows that overall a MAN spends at least 6 months during his lifetime just to shave. Imagine what you can do with this amount of extra time? You can do whatever you want. But having a beard ensures you that you do not have to shave every day. Cool?

It can be healthy.

Beard provides health benefits to us. Don’t believe it? Read this article. It has been found that a beard can protect your skin from UV rays by up to 95 percent. Thus it can reduce the possibility of skin cancer and other extra diseases.Having A Beard

I do not have a babyface.

Sometimes, people call it a babyface. As you clean shave your face, it can trigger people to judge like that. Do not like it? Just grow a beard. One unfortunate reality is some men naturally look more “Manly” than others. And we can’t even argue with it. Because it’s all about genetics. If you feel you are not manly at all, try to grow beasts called “ Beard”. It can help you to look more serious and attractive as well.

Keep you warm.

During the winter season, it can be a lifesaver for your facial skin. Especially in your neck area. The temperature definitely going down and what’s the better way to save it by just growing a long monster?

It displays your personality.

There are hundreds of styles you can wear with your facial hair. Each and every style can define different interests and personalities. So you can really choose from and express yourself in front of the world.

We also discussed earlier that it can take your confidence level higher.

Cons of Having A Beard

We do consider that, even though it’s good looking and a famous trend, beards have some disadvantages too. Consider reading them carefully if you want to know all of them.


The very first thing when it comes to growing a beard is itchiness. A lot of people try to grow it and eventually clean it off due to this situation. It can be even more tricky at the time of intimacy with your partner. She might find it displeasing. Moreover, it can give you a hard time during the summer season.


One of the hardest parts of growing a beard. It can take serious time and commitment from your side to stick to your goals. As your hair grows, you will have to consider using various essential products like oils, combs, balms, etc to make it thicker and softer. This can really add up in the end & you may not like it at all.

It can be Gross

This is not necessarily true at all. It all depends on how to treat your beard. Like your head hair, it also needs to be conditioned and shampooing. If you fail to do it – you know what will happen.

Look older

Even though a cool beard looks mature, sometimes, it can even be the opposite. You may end up looking older than as usual. It happens, not all the time by the way.

Trial / Error

Let’s face it. We do not grow a beard overnight. Right? Again, not all faces suites all types of look. So it is really up to you to test things up and keeping it testing until you find your perfect look. This can be time-consuming and sometimes people even laugh at you depending on how to maintain it.

Don’t ask about summer

As we know beard can be a lifesaver during the winter season. But what about the summer? Don’t ask.

It can become really tough to maintain the itchiness. I, particularly like to grow my beard during the winter and as summer is approaching, I go for a little heavy stubble.


Ah. It’s in 2021. But you will see that people just love making fun of bearded persons. Prepare yourself to hear words like Santa Claus, Monks, or even lumberjacks. But hey, don’t be surprised if you hear some good points for your beard too.

There you have all. Various advantages and disadvantages of having a beard.

Now it’s all up to you to learn how to adapt to each situation. Remember great beards come with great responsibilities. And each action has some equal and opposite reaction.

Seriously, beards are majestic and awesome combined with your other grooming activities. There are no real cons to having it. All the cons we have mentioned can be reduced with proper knowledge and steps. And that is why the beard mantra is here for you. We will not let you walk alone on this journey. Our team is here to help you anytime you want.

What do you think of it?

Are there any pros or cons we have missed?

Let us know in the comment section.

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