14 Reason Why A Beard Can Take Your Confidence To The Next Level

Who is the best president of U.S?


How it does even linked to the beard with confidence?

Well, it does.

Abraham Lincoln was one of the best presidents of America. Is not it?

But here is a little known fact that very few people know.

In 1860, October 15 a 11 year old girl “ grace bedell “ wrote a letter to Lincoln explaining to grow a beard before the election campaign. As it was very hot time for him, he did reply to her on 19th October with making no promises.

But in reality, he grew a full beard within a month.

Sure, later he did some really amazing things which make him still one of the most respectable person in the history ever. But, apart from his popularity, his beard played a great role winning the vote.

Are you 100% sure that his beard was the reason of win?

Who knows. There is not cent percent exact answer. But, as grace said, she wrote to Lincoln that he would look a great deal better. His face was so thin and suggested him to grow a thicker one as most women prefer men with whiskers.

History has so much evidence that, most of the heroes were blessed with beards. They are really manly looking. Kings of ancient places used to have longer beards as it was considered to be a part of masculinity. A beard indirectly is a confidence influence factor. People tend to look for advice from them. And place those people a step ahead in our society.

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Why is that we think beard is is a symbol of confidence

If you search online, you will see hundreds of results. But for now, we have gathered some points just for you. Read them for fun.

Beard provides masculinity

Just look at full grown beard man. Does not he look really tough and masculine? Those days are gone where you get a clean shave and ladies will compliment you with a cute voice. Grow up. Be a man. It’s a sign of strong masculinity.

It’s an alpha mindset

You decide to grow your beard and own it. You know what it means? It means you have the freedom to choose whatever works well for you. It’s an alpha mindset. Free from everyone else. You do not care what other people think of your beard. Life is a hell if you run by other people. You know it.

It helps you become more sex appeal

Let’s just do not shy here. Beard has more sex appeal than anything else. (?) we can not stress this enough. There are lots of scientific data which shows that women can really fall for a well groomed beard.

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It is s sign of mature

A beard signals you that you are no longer a kid anymore. If you have the ability to grow it from zero, then you must have the ability to understand any situation and handle it too. It’s a mature thing.

Beard makes you stronger

Believe it or not, a person with a tough beard is a sign of strong attitude and work ethics. If he regular on gym, it can take him to the next level.

It can create social status

People tend to give more respect to those who have done something extra around their community. If your neighbors do not have any beard yet, and you grow a killer one – “ take our word “ – someone within your place will try to follow your style. Thus, you get really respect from them too.


It’s a symbol of aggressive to. Studies have already shown it. Women perceive it as a sign of protection. It make them feel comfortable.

It’s a grooming skill

Taking care of your beard is not an easy task. You already know it. There are lots of variable goes into it. From shaping to cleaning. If you want dying that’s another part chapter. So if a man take his time to groom it, he must have good skill about grooming. You do not have to worry about unhygienic thing later on.

Creates the habit of patience

Similarly, it is a part of patience. You can get the idea of his patience capacity by just looking at the size of his beard. If he grows full, hold his hand. You just do not want to miss him. Why? Because he is a man of patience.

It empowers you

Beards make you feel manly. Beard allows you to hide flaws. Beards allow us to become truer versions of ourselves. It makes you feel like you have accomplished something in your life.

Conversation starter

confidence with beard

People specially ladies, either want to touch it or ask about it. Both of the options is good to create a conversation. If you are on a party, if can be a truly life changing for you. Who knows.


They are creative. And sometimes funny too. World is full with some creative bearded people who just did amazing with his hair. Take a look around the internet.

Standing out from the crowd

They do not fear. One of the good quality can you expect from them. Growing it from start to a finish point takes time and it really stands themselves out of the world. Even it is2020, it is still like 2000 where most of the people like to clean shave their face. Heck. We are not like that. Are not we?


Lastly it is a sign of intelligent. Look at any hero from our history. They all have one thing in common. Their “ beard “.

So what are you waiting for? Are you really growing that baby for a full grown monster? A beard is a sign of confidence. Remember.

Care it, and see the magic.

If you find anything useful from it, do us a favor and share it.

Want to ask anything? See you in the comment section.

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