Anti-Frizz Hair Brush: The Review


Anti Frizz Hair Brush Review

We’re gonna skip the intro today’ induce I’m not actually Thomas, I am Hagrid.( chortles) No, just kidding. Today  you can tell my whisker is all boofy and crazy and that’s for a very good reason. We’re gonna be taking a look at this bloody anti-frizz brush. Okay, so now I consider all of these crazy things on the Facebook feed and get sucked in to a nature of watching abundant extents of videos and losing way of occasion. But one of the most recent videos I ascertained was somebody with one of the following options brushings comprising, like, a ponytail and then they got the touch made it next to it hair very similar to this right now It smoothed it down as if somebody had straightened it. Now if you’re looking at my whisker today it is fuzzy, it is definitely poofy and to be honest I’m on the last video of the working day and this morning my whisker appeared so good it was writhed, it was beautiful we got all my other videos out of the way and then I simply had to go and wet it now.


So it’s kind of like half done/ desegregated with spray almost as if I’d just been in the rain this is probably what it would do I didn’t amply drench it or anything But it’s definitely imparted me some poof and frizz so we’re gonna test this brushing to see if it actually does what the video says it does. There’s nothing I hate more kind of like those fucking man-buns I bought[ Cutaway] I got ripped off. – You know like, they’re so expensive to buy this little bangles. Well not expensive I convey 20 dollars, what is that? Nothing really. But at the end of the day it’s like I paid 20 dollars for something I’m never going to use. You know what I convey? Maybe in a video, whatever.


But this one was $50. So I paid 50 bucks for this bad boy. And do you know what disturbed me the most? I once have a bad taste in my speak about it time because I paid 50 dollars for this then found out it was dropshipping so it was gonna take a month and a half to get to me then I inspected on Amazon for the exact same thing and procured it for 16 dollars. And this was straight after I time bought it. So I was like, this thing better do what the video said that it does.


And guiding on to the next station of the video let’s watch that video that I recognized that realize me buy this thing.( upbeat music) Looks reasonably freaking cool, right? Now when it came in the mail so we got this little box here. And( chuckles) another thing that pissed me off was I dictated the black one. So you know what one I came? The pink one. Love it when firebrands do that, so yeah. This is how I feel about this at this point in time with what’s happened. Dropshipping takes forever to get to you. Overpriced compared to other things you can find in the market. Somehow they are pretty good at their ad’ cause they found me and I bought it straight away.


And then I said the pitch-black one and it’s pink. So, extend illustration. But regardless, so if we have a look at it it’s pretty much exactly a you know the bristles aren’t anything too flashy they’re just like little metal bristles with a rubber pad and this background piece which is that’s where all the car-mechanics go. So if we pop it open( oohs) Certainly we’re gonna apply a battery in here and then this is obviously what displays the electronic nodes or whatever I don’t know how this gory thing toils. I’m guessing that the battery deliveries through and somehow does things to the hair to make it do what the hell is meet in that video. And I’m hoping that it times it to this “hairs-breadth” . That’s pretty much everything that comes with it. It came in this little plastic handbag and then a container that had a girl with gorgeous mane which I’m gonna look like that after this hopefully.


We’ll find out. And the committee is also artilleries not included. So precisely to add another downer you had to go and buy your own artilleries. I paid probably six bucks for these everyday ones. And they are a AAA I’m pretty sure. That’s already doing things and starting bizarre chimes. That’s like a( imitates whoosh din) How odd. Oh my divinity. Okay, there we go. We’re in. Okay, batteries in. Am I gonna electrocute myself? We’re good. Now I guess it’s just term for testing. So what we’re gonna do we’re actually gonna knot this up in a little pony.( Chortle) Okay. So we want this brush to solve all of our problems, right? That’s our possibility’ cause the Facebook video said it. Moment of truth. If it doesn’t form me look like the girl on the container bad revaluation. The only thing that can save this touch is how it operates.( Startling music) So let’s have a go. Can everyone “ve learned that” hissing clanged? Okay. Is it even doing anything? It’s not even brushing through it.( dramatic music strokes out) Well, certainly not like- Okay.


Let’s be real. In the video all they did was put the brush near the mane and it get( whooshing resonate ), right? Let’s do that first.( drastic music) Put the brush near the whisker .( startling music slice out) I get ripped off. Okay, let’s actually try and comb the whisker . Oh, even more hopeless. I should name this video, “How to squander 50 Dollars” Oh look , no different.( thwarted) Ah, lover. That’s actually a real dud. This is even worse than the murderou man-bun things because at least they were a bit fun. This is kind of like an absolute trash There must be like Is there a dominance naming on it? -[ Person Off-Camera] Why don’t you go on YouTube and be seen some tutorial? -[ YouTube Video] Shocking excerpt of this fuzz brushing that there appears to magically smooth away frizz … -[ Thomas] That’s the video I was looking at.


She got ripped off. -[ YouTube Video] You can see that it’s smoother … -[ Thomas] No, she’s lying, okay. This one daughter … So I’m just looking at this now, like( huffs) It’s not like the viciou ad , no way. Even in this video. This video that I’ve just detect was the first one that sounded up on YouTube. It’s saying good assess about it and this girl is like, “Oh, it ogles shinier” No, honey. Her whisker still inspects sinewy as inferno just like mine does right now. And then when we turn it on perhaps it’s not for mane forms like mine, I don’t know. But I don’t feel like nothing is happening to this whisker . Why don’t we try it … Hang on, we can’t give up on this. Does it inspect any different? -[ Person Off-Camera] It looks like you’re combing it. – No but look at all of that. That’s so fuzzy still. It doesn’t even do anything to the whisker when I lift it up.


It’s not even originating it move. That other one was like,( imitates whooshing chime) I don’t think it’s is everything. Fuzzy as fuck.( evaporates) Well I think we don’t actually need to go any further with this review because I tried doing it to a little ponytail on my whisker went this result and then tried grazing my entire thought with the brush turned on and( cackles) “its what” I came. So…hm. Okay, in recall I actually feel very let down. So I have paid 50 dollars. Not the end of the world countries. It’s all good. But from what I can see it’s very straightforward to use.


It’s got two puts which is on and off. And then we’ve also got just where we situated the battery in and as you can see I don’t inspect any less blurry as what I did at the start of this video. So I emphatically do feel like I consumed money and epoch. Although, meeting video material like this is a true representation for anybody that’s actually thinking of buying something like this. I time don’t think … I meditate these people are more concerned about making money than they are producing a product that actually helps people with frizzy hair . Because this has just not worked. Either that or this is designed for people that have really reduce hair and have glowing static. Because when I prop it up to my mane you guys simply understood it it did there is nothing. And that video talked it up massively, didn’t it? That ain’t frizz control.


Like, what? Nevertheless though, hey, it’s always good to try these things and these people might not be good at establishing huge concoctions but they unquestionably did good marketing’ campaign I moved straight-shooting for it. And I was just like, wow. And I approximate making this video as well will stop anybody else that wanted to make the longing buy of getting one because they thought it could solve their frizzy problems and then being out of pocket 50 dollars. It’s all right, I’m gonna cope. Anyway, well I hope you attained this somewhat pleasant. My misfortune. And candidly if you’re thinking of getting one of these grazes and you’re struggling with frizzy hair questions it’s definitely not air tickets, okay? And that’s as honest as I can be about that. You know I don’t really mind expend the money and doing cool things like this’ reason I can do cool videos.


That’s all I’ve got for you the coming week. In other bulletin, I does in fact have anti-frizz methods that do work. I’m gonna leave them up in the cards for you guys. If you are struggling with frizzy mane at the moment I’m probably gonna have to go and do something to my hair after this’ cause it is wild. Thank you so much for coming back and watching. Make sure you smacked the agree button to catch up with me every single Monday. And please strike the thumbs up button on these videos because it actually helps me get my content further in the YouTube platform and continue to grow my entire database. So we’re over 100 K can we believe it? Oh my God. I had to pinch myself about that’ cause it is really very, particularly surreal.


And my silver-tongued frolic button is on the way in the mail. Let me know in the comment section below if you are willing to to do an unboxing video of that. I think that’d be reasonably special. It’s a milestone that I never thought that I could smack But I did. We got there. And you guys helped me get it on. So thank you so much better. But yeah. That’s all I have for you I will see you next week for another video and I’ll catch you later.


There we go, we’re in. Pretty freaking cool. Hi, anti-frizz brush. Do you have frizzy hair ? An absolute debris. Great, because this brush can’t help. Does it glance any different? Extremely expensive. No sugar. Very easy to use.




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