Shea Moisture Beard Collection Kit: The Review

Welcome back to A new guidance of the modern workers. So today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you guys a glamour commodity that I recently time are caught up and it is showing moisture. So I’ve got the whole bundle right here. I got the whole pack on deck. I’ve got the four stair process of assuring moisturizer for your Beard care. And it is the morning right now. So I’m a little groggy, but that’s okay though. That’s okay. Really to get a gun. If you guys are new to this channel, make sure you guys subscribe to the section down below so more people can see it and also made the notification bell.

So you guys have the latest content updates on this path. So I’m going to show you guys my review off of this. I’m mostly gonna apply every step. Show you guys what I do. And after I get the results, I’m going to show you my feedback off of it till you guys buy it. She did not. Don’t been fucking loving it. What I do like about it, do I recommend it from rebutting all those questions throughout this video? Let’s go. So yet again, guys, if you know anyone that wants to improve the Beard care, want to prove the crewmen, they want to improve the men’s fad. Obviously send any of these videos out and let’s go forward. Okay. Since it is the morning I woke up with my hoodie on flex.  First step I’m going to apply is the Beard wash. So this is the first step I’m going to apply deep, clean-living and refresh look good, stink good. So I’m going to basically apply some of this into my fowl and I’ll let you know how it goes.  It’s that sprinkle of liquid in my face. Beard wash is right here. I’m applying downsize. Onto my digit, depending on the Beard length, I’m going to basically assess the extent to which I want to put on. Sometimes I’ll introduce a dime immensity. Maybe I’ll frame a little more, but I articulated like a dime width and the half that was put this all into that bird. Okay. So as it goes into the Beard, it’s easy to apply. It’s very. It’s very soapy. You know, they shampoo where it’s, it kind of merely spurts in the period. There’s no problems of voyage it any further. Smells good has a light smell. It smells like almonds. I had a dream last darkness that I was Beardless. I’m not going to lie. I had a dream. God, I had no facial mane and I looked at myself in the mirror.

And all I checked was cheekbones, bro. All I assured was unquestionably nation bro. Like my face was actually pretty like, it was like chin and then how would she bones? So your kuki-chin and then Helen cheap volumes. It was crazy. I actually rocked with her. I was like, humankind, this is me. That is me. But I woke up and I was like, Uh, it’s good. So far as a Beard Beard wash, I’m gonna apply a little bit more. I feel like I’m missing some of the areas on my face. So I’ll frame this on the side now. Don’t just like your hair. You wouldn’t be able to purge your Beard. Hit. The follicular was at the seed, so you guys can get rid of the grunge, bacteria and odor. We’re good. Nice. So second step. We are getting into the detangle lightens mane, easy outs. The braids gapes good. Fragrances huge. Let’s get it on. This substance is covered. Okay. It’s like a fit paste before the other one was pretty light, but this is a fit cream base.

SheaMoisture Beard

I would be implemented this into my hands, rub it around like that and precisely supply like that. Really feels like cream. Like you were putting like bio gesture onto your body, but just for your season, genuinely soft, I is to be able to feel this loosening up my whiskers for sure. Everything’s a lot more looser. Everything’s a lot more softer. And after that, you start to look good after I introduced that detangler in it. Which I am passionately fulfilled the detangler. I want to use my Google home, my charm pick really to pick it out just so we see we’re working with, and as you guys would is evident from before when I started this video, that was my Beard before now it has the Beard wash , not detangler. And this is what it looks like now.  I’m giving it some magnitude. I’m picking it out. I’m just seeing the link in the representation, the circumference of what I have. Applying this detangler.

That’s good to know. Now we’re going into the next step now going into the third step where you are going to be looking at the Beard conditioning, oral moisturize and soften look. Good, reek. Great. It’s not a commercial-grade. So I would put in a dime width. Like it is a tradition form as a dime. This is the pure situation lubricant. Oh, it’s a lot more thicker. It’s kind of like GBC to originating pitch-black Castro oil, but not so thick on the substance. So I’m applying that into my Beard. This is the conditioning oil. Yeah, it does clearly does odor like almonds. There’s there’s definitely a theme now going on. So this is just going to help me have my Beard on time throughout the whole day. So I don’t run into any problems with dryness or feeling embarrassing or itchiness. That’s the glamour of conditioning.

Well, fourth step. For pace fourth pace, we are you’re here, child. We are here. If you had the four gradation now, are you feeling sad? Are you feeling cave? Beard bomb, appearance, smooth and characterize look. Good, reek. Great. Replying this right now. So clear Palm is meant for you. Just. As it said, determine, smoothing characterize. So I have applied this before I moved it video, but I was so tired from that video.

And I lost the enters when I was uploading the video. It was the day I loped, I belief 11 K. I was just. K. Oh, long tale short-spoken. I lost the data, importing them into my computer, had to redo this all over again. I’m so happy to do it now. I just feel much more better than before. So let’s get right into this. So it comes in a thick-skulled adhesive right here as you guys. I find. So it various kinds of truly got to dig your hands into it, to break it up, like a dime size into my hand. This is the biggest substance out them all. I’m going to basically define that. My Beard. Let me sacrifice it some appearance. Let me render it some life, baby.

So I’ll positioned this in my Beard. I’m going to rub down the direction of want to take it. Now you’re in the Beard. Some figures some definition with the Beard, the Palm smells penalize. It smells in sync with everything else flavors a little like Vaseline, but nevertheless, it’s fine for me, thick on the substance. I feel good applying this produce. I feel confident use this product. So after I pick it out, I’m going to give it some mold and to find it with my hand. And that would be the process. There you go. Money. That is my process. So I characterized my Beard right here. And that is, is I went through the four pace process with shared moisture.

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