Why You Should Use Beard Oil

The beard has made a massive comeback in recent years, and with its revived success comes a whole variety of new items to keep the beard looking healthier than ever before.


With almost 50 percent of the world’s men wearing some form of mustache, facial grooming is now just as critical as holding the hair on our heads. Unfortunately, growing and keeping a beard can also pose several problems for men, such as stiff, flaky skin, excessive scratching, and beard dandruff (or ‘Beardruff’), to mention a couple.


Why You Should Use Beard Oil

The Invention of Beard Oil

Beard oil is a must-have treatment for those wearing some form of facial hair, from a mild stubble to a full-blown beard. Enriched with non-greasy and nourishing oils, Beard Oil helps prepare your fur, reinforce and boost your growth, minimize itching, moisturize your skin underneath and relax your flies.


Daily beard grooming can keep your facial hair looking healthier and improve hair strength and longevity for more development. To stop the rough, wiry coat that everybody hates, only a few drops of Beard Oil will turn your beard into the luscious locks you’ve always wanted.


What is beard oil?


Beard oil is one of the most valuable things that any beadsman can possess. Because of its fantastic combination of carrier and essential oils, beard oil will make your beard go from “meh” to unbelievably lovely.

From beardruff to beard scratch and the overall texture of how your beard looks, the advantages are comprehensive and broad. In just a second, we’re going to go over each one directly.

But before we do that, it’s essential to consider the structure of beard oil and what exactly these ingredients do when added to your beard.


How does beard oil work?


Beard oil is not only helpful to the facial hair but also to the skin underneath. Maintaining hydrated and clean skin under the beard is just as critical as keeping the facial hair glossy and under control. The hated beard itch and “beardruff” can be a thing of the past by keeping the skin healthy. You can also note a noticeable change in the hair as it gets fluffy, glossy, and sleek.


Second, a little side effect of Beard Oil is the potential to serve as a natural cologne for men, scented with beneficial essential oils. This oil can keep you and your beard clean and polished all day long.

Why do you need beard oil?


Beard oil moisturizes the beard and the skin underneath.

Beard oil moisturizes the skin and helps smooth and soften the beard’s fur, which ensures that it also serves as a grooming agent. The perfect mustache should look shiny and groomed—not dirty and flaky.


After you wash your face, you must not forget to use beard oil. Apply beard oil first thing in the morning after showering or bathing. Your hair follicles and pores are open in this way and can easily absorb oil. Skincare, mainly cleaning and moisturizing, is skincare, especially if you live in a cold or dry environment. We prefer to believe ‘more is better,’ but there are just a few drops in most things.


A longer beard means you can use a comb to ensure that the cream covers your hair and moisturizes your face.


Beard oil leaves your facial hair flake-free and smells new.

Thanks to the moisturizing oils, a little beard oil is enough to smooth these brittle hairs and remove flakes (a.k.a. beard-druff). And like so many musky/woody essential oils such as cedarwood and sandalwood, the frequently forgotten substance also serves as a natural cologne.


Beard oil feeds and hydrates your skin and your beard.

Beard oil nourishes the hair to make it smoother and more manageable. It’s not only moisturizing the scalp. It’s even moisturizing the skin underneath. When you grow a beard, your hair loses all moisture from your skin, and, as a result, your skin starts to dry out and, without any moisture, the skin becomes dry and broken.


Beard oil prevents itch and dandruff in the beard.

Dry and fractured skin leads to beard itch and beard dandruff. Dandruff caused by constant scratching and rough, dead skin under the scalp turns into the worst-case scenario. With the beard oil, the skin underneath will be kept moisturized, and you will avoid all scratches and dandruff.


Beard oil tames flying hair.

Beard’s hair has a mind of its own and grows at varying angles and distances. Some men prefer to pattern their beards in the form of their faces, while others merely encourage them to grow as they wish. There is no right or wrong. Using beard oil can smoothen your hair and make it more supple and manageable.


Beard oil can give your beard a great scent.

A lot of beard oils are scented and smell great with a long-lasting influence. Your beard can smell fresh, clean, and, depending on the essential oils applied, amazing all day long. Harsh aftershaves can be overpowering, but softly scented beard oils come with a more natural fragrance.


Beard oil helps your beard to grow.

It won’t accelerate hair growth all of a sudden, and you won’t wake up with a thick, full beard overnight. However, as beard oil nourishes the scalp, it avoids split ends and allows the hair follicle to grow stronger. If you find that you’ve got some patchy hair growth, beard oil encourages fair skin and can help your hair follicles survive and avoid ingrown hair.


Beard oil works great with pores and inflammation.

Suppose you have susceptible skin due to beard oil that moisturizes the skin underneath. In that case, it can help avoid redness and inflammation caused by harsh shampoo additives or day-to-day environmental changes. Beard oil should not compete with sebum development and does not clog pores, so it may help cleanse and nourish skin vulnerable to breakouts.


How do you use beard oil?


Many people and experts have proven beard oil to be healthy for both your face and your wallet!

Beard oil has a better effect in the morning after taking a shower, so the skin is clean and hydrated. Just add 2-4 drops of beard oil, depending on the fur’s length, is enough. Put the oil in the palm of your hand. Then, rub your hands together to quickly spread the oil equally and warm it between your palms. Gently rub the oil upwards into your hair and finally smooth your hair downward to ease the flow. If your beard is exceptionally long, the Beard Comb is the best accessory to ensure you cover every strand in oil.


How much beard oil should a guy use?


Use beard oil 3-4 days a week, depending on the style of hair. If you like your beard on the dryer side, use 4-6 days a week to increase moisture and improve your scalp, but it’s always up to personal discretion how much oil you use every week!

Make sure you use beard oil filled with high-quality oils packed full of vitamins and minerals such as Cedar + Stone Frankincense and Baobab Beard Oil.

Baobab oil is an ancient medicine used to improve your hair and cure your hair loss, fortified with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, D3, and E. It is a perfect food for your beard since it nourishes and preserves your skin underneath.




Beard oil has been increasingly famous over the last few years. New beard oil factories are coming up and selling some outstanding standard oils.

If it’s your first time to pick up beard oil, we recommend that you try out the online store because of their low delivery rates and quick refund policy, which you will not be able to find if you buy from a boutique retailer.

Many of the most famous beard oil business brands on Amazon also offer their flagship oils there. Last but not least, if you’re a handy guy and you’re taking your beard growth seriously, you can check out this article on how to make your beard oil.


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