Does Shaving Make Facial Hair Grow Faster?

Does shaving make facial hair grow faster

Hey , tell us honestly how many time you have asked this question to your friends or your elders? We get it. People who wants to grow a beard desperately looking for the answer.

Well, in today’s article, we are going to cover this topic. And hopefully, clear all the hype.

So let’s get started..

In short the answer is – NO

Does Shaving Make Facial Hair Grow Faster ? A Fact Or Myth?


Facial hair growth after shaving

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So Why all these Hype?

This is a huge misconception  and it’s indeed creating the buzz that If I shave my facial hair, I will be able to  grow my beard as well..

People do not read or observe things properly all the times and it produces a lack of understanding in knowledge.

Mainly there are 4 stages of the hair growth. ( in all the body area including beards.)

-> Anagen (growing phase)

-> Catagen (regression phase)

-> Telogen (resting phase)

-> Exogen (shedding phase)

Suppose you are a teenager. And that is the time where your body hair get in a motion of growing phase. Now, you go out and start shaving & you notice more and more hair sprouting up.

AND you start thinking that : “ Shaving makes facial hair grow faster.”

Funny fact : your face get in touch with a razor and suddenly you start to grow beard. How much is this logical?

It’s just the natural. your body has started to enter the prime growth phase due to uptick of testosterone in your body and with your androgenic hair (i.e. body hair) starts to grow.

In 1928,, four men agreed to be part of a hair regrowth study attempting to settle the matter.The men shaved a portion of their faces in one downward stroke using the same brand of shaving soap, fresh razors and water at a constant temperature—all in the name of science.

The study authors collected the shorn hairs and compared 100 of them after each measuring, arriving at their chief conclusion: There is no evidence that shaving accelerates the rate of beard growth.

Apart from that, A recent study has found no correlation between shaving & hair growth.

Do Beards Grow Back Thicker After Shaving?

Again, the answer is NO.

Even if you shave on a regular basis, you will not see any significant growth rate of your hair. Dr. Howard T. Behrman who writes in AMA ( American medical association ) said that, there is a slight immediate increase in the rate of hair growth after shaving. But it drastically decreases within just few hours

He also added that, cutting or shaving the hair does not make it darker or coarser. However, a hair shaft is darker and coarser at the root than at the tip, and cutting it near the root makes the hair appear darker and coarser.


What is the ideal time or rate of the Facial Hair Growth?

Generally speaking, there is no hard and fast rules apply here. It sometimes depends on genetics also. But for a normal person, it takes about one month to grow facial hair by one centimeter.

Is there any way I can grow my Beard faster?

There are lot of factors comes into play for beard growth. But, let me tell you : there is no particular idea or action that will make your facial hair growth rate faster. It takes some time, patience, enough sleep and good food.

We are going to cover with a lot more detail about it later on. But for now, let’s conclusion it by thinking strategically.

Does shaving make facial hair grow faster

Answer : No.

Stop believing on things without having actual knowledge base. Yes, there are some certain aspects or factor that will help you to grow your beard, but shaving? Nope.


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