Wahl Detailer 8081 vs. Wahl Trimmer 8290

Whether you are a professional barber or home junkie who loves to use a professional trimmer, this comparisons guide between the two famous models of Wahl 8081 vs. 8290 will give you enough knowledge to start with.

Before starting, we want to keep you remind that this two models are made specifically for professional use.


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However, there is no issue of using it in your home too.

Are you ready to read this Wahl detailer 8081 vs. 8290 review guide?

Alright. Let’s dive in:

Below, we will have a quick look at the differences you see in each model. Frankly speaking, you won’t find any major contrast in each model. Just a handful of diversity.

Quick Comparison Between Wahl Detailer 8081 Vs 8290

​8081 Model

​8290 Model

1 ) ​In 8081 you will get a unique T-wide #2215 blade. 1) On the other hand, in 8290 model, you will see a grey & black body with a shiny look.
2) It has a color combination of white & burgundy mixed with chrome finish. 2 ) It has a narrower T-Blade. Instead of the wide #2215 Detailer blade, you get a #1062-600 one.
3) You also get a Pro set tools with this device. It will help you to adjust the trimmer according to your choice.

Rest of the functions are almost same. So to grab all of the info, just scroll down and read the independent reviews.

First, we will take a look at 8081 model & then proceed to the next one

Complete Review of Wahl Professional Series Detailer 8081 Model

Made for a professional use, this Wahl 5 star detailer is one of the most searched items when it comes to professional trimming.

Looking from the outside prospective it has a burgundy body with a mixed chrome finish & white parts.

On the other hand, the material used in this trimmer is hard plastic which is quite ok for us at this point.

Look and feel wise, I still find it nice and smooth. There are devices out there where you will find look but not the actual strength.

Again, you may see some professional trimmer with awesome features but dull look.

But for us, this device from Wahl completes the journey of a searcher like you and me. They tend to give you a better look as well as some strong strength to do your day to day work.

An expert demands more. Right?

So, this 5 star detailer is engineered to deliver the sharp performance at peak level with it’s extra wide adjustablet-blade for a more precise and close cut

Function capacity of Wahl 5 star Detailer

If you do a lot of lining & artwork in your saloon or even in your home, the device going to offer you an appealing aesthetic along with top class precision & function.

The five star detailers are built with a powerful rotary motor. & you know what it means? A perfect cutting strokes per minute to achieve fast and crystal clear work.

What about the blade?

Well, it’s unique T-wide #2215 blade is made of stainless steel. Moreover, it is more wider compared to other blades at the same range.

In result you can cover a larger area with every stroke and then trim it as fast as possible.


When we decide to buy things like trimmer or shaver, we expect that the company also provide us additional essential things like brush, guard etc.

Still, there are some brands out there who really do not care for their customer at all. Such a shame.

Fortunately, with wahl detailer 8081 model, it’s not the case.

For our super convenience, they have put together a list of required accessories. With this professional detailer you get 3 attachment comb with cutting edge guides, an oil cleaning brush, an instruction guide and a red blade guard.

It makes all the sense and proves that the company really cares for its users.

What are some other features?

Well, there are some extra little nifty features which are super convenient from our point of view. Such as, the detailer is just 5” long and weighs is around 6.9 OZ. Making extremely comfortable to hold and use in the way you want.


Just a quick note:

It’s made for 110/120V outlets only. So be careful with this.

Now, let’s explore some of the disadvantages of the device:

At beard mantra, we have been telling people that no product is perfect. It’s a man made product. However, the cons with the device are quite minimal if you ask us.

While some people still complaining that it last only for a year, there are some people who also said it’s the not case always.

If you decide to close the gap of blades, it can really hurt your skin.

Although, the motor is decent, it’s not with the highest quality.

Moreover, I admit that, the trimmer is prone to cutting into skin if you do not use it properly. Thus, it is advisable to use it for few times and watch the entire move and function very closely.

I repeat: you should handle it carefully unless and until you become really comfortable.

There is another problem though. & that is – the bottom housing of the trimmer contains a HOOK which holds the spring that counteracts the force of the motor to make the blades move. This hook often breaks resulting in the trimmer losing power or failing if the hook is completely broken.


  • Powerful rotary motor
  • Sharp blades


  • Possibilities of cutting your skin, If you are not careful.

Overall verdict :

This is just a small overview of what we like the most about this device. Sure, it contains some disadvantages as well. But for us, we like the way it performed while we tested.

The attachments range from a small stubble to about a 3/8 inch beard. Depending upon your preference and beard style, you might opt for different attachment.

One of the best things I found is even if you are in a rush; this detailer works really well to clean up the edges of your facial hair.

I have never expected to get a 100 percent close shave unless I use any of the attachments. As I mentioned it is great for creating sharp lines around your beard.

On the other hand, the quality of the device is class with adjustable blade.

But, we also want to remind you that if you attempt to make the blade zero gaped, it might become too harsh on your skin. So watch out.

Overall, it is not a bad device but, we strongly suggest you to become extra careful at the time of using.

Now, let’s have a look at the next model

Wahl detailer 8290 Reviews:

Wahl detailer 8290

If we need to compare the two models like 8081 VS 8290, there is not much different you will see. Yes. There are few, but it’s negligible as always.

The wahl detailer 8290 device is different in terms of outer look. As you can easily see, device is made of two colours – Black & grey body with a shiny chrome look.

In reality, it does look decent but hey, you won’t get the premium feel.

Apart from that the major difference you will see in Wahl detailer 8081 VS 8290 is the narrower t-blade.

Yes, 8290 model has a narrower t-blade instead of the wide one. It’s #1062-600. One of the major advantages of having smaller blades is when you want to perform trimming on smaller yet more delicate areas, you are bound to get really good results.

Some people doubt if they would find any major difference in terms of performance from the blades. I would say it’s completely negotiable.

You get the same amount of crisp, cuts and trims like the 8081 model.

Next, device has pro set tools. Meaning, you will get additional adjuster which will allows you to Zero gap the blade.

Overall, it’s a cool, compact piece of machinery with a toggle switch at its base. It also comes with an eight foot cord, three attachments that offer cutting stages from close to very close, a cleaning brush, a plastic vial of lubricating oil, a blade guard, and instructions.

As we can see now, there is no such major difference except the blade; colour & a pre set tools.

Cons of 8290 model:

Looking for cons, we did not find any major problem. But there are few, that we want to mention and draw your attention.

Both of the models can get really sharp if you decide to zero gap it. For those, dealing with sensitive skin, it can really hurt you man.

So, be very careful.

As the blades are sharp, you do not need to press to much. Just do with a natural flow & you are good to go.


  • You get also a pro set tools


  • More narrower blade
  • Careful with sensitive skin

Pros and Cons of Each


​8081 MODEL

  • ​Powerful rotary motor
  • ​Sharp blades
  • ​Possibilities of cutting your skin, If you are not careful.

​8290 MODEL

  • ​You get also a pro set tools
  • ​More narrower blade
  • ​Careful with sensitive skin

Final verdict:

Now, as we have already compared and show you the difference between Wahl detailer 8081 vs. 8290model, it’s time to decide which one you should go for?

You won’t see any major differences in price. It’s better to decide based on the performance and features.

Keep in mind that both wahl detailer works best for professional use. The previous one has a wider blade. And color scheme is good too.

It’s different. You know. From the regular black and white combination….

From my point of view, wahl detailer is a great choice and it is indeed one of the best hair trimmers from the company.

But, when it comes to choosing the best model, we would go for the first one.

Mainly because of color combination & wider blades.

Which one you are going after?

Is there any doubt ?

have you found the ​wahl detailer 8081 vs 8290 review useful?

leave a comment and we will get back to you.

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