The Best Stubble Trimmer For Men

If you are looking for the best stubble trimmer for men, there is a good news for you. We are here to help.

Well, finding a trimmer which especially works for stubble is a time consuming task. Sometimes, its confusing. Mind that, picking the wrong product can cost you really hard in the long run. This year, I decided to test all the devices so that I can save your valuable time.

Don’t ask me what happened.

I ended up spending more than $500 and majority of the devices I choose was really not up to the mark. And that is why we have created a complete list of trimmer that will work specifically as per your need. Take away all my hard work and experience.

In this, in-depth guide you will learn which one is the best and top trimmer for you if you want a stubble beard.

Editor’s Note: After testing & exploring more than 12 hours, we found that this one is a good stubble trimmer choice for most people. It does its job well and covers the necessary requirements.

The Best Stubble Trimmer For Men Reviews

Conair i-Stubble

Best For Sensitive Skin & The Shortest One

Stubble Trimmer For Men

This one is our top recommendedstubble trimmer . The main reason for choosing this is : it has the SHORTEST length setting which is about 0.4mm.

Apart from that, The Conair i-Stubble facial trimmer has 15 ultra-precise length settings that allow you to maintain your preferred male stubble style at all times.

Whether you’re looking for a short shadow look, a longer stubble look, or even a short beard, the i-Stubble is the ultimate controlling device. Its Electronic motorized length control gives precise adjustment from 0.4mm-5mm.

If you charge it for approx 90 minutes, this hair clipper will last for about 45 to 50 minutes. so , for us it is pretty much super convenient.

The only disadvantage of it is that the product is not washable.

But we think, that’s not a major problem at all. So if you are looking for the best one, then Conair i-Stubble is your number one choice.

  • This one is our favorite. It has the lowest shortest settings available. 0.4mm which is perfect for stubble beard
  • Long battery and fast charging. It will last near to 50 minutes once you charge it.
  • Perfect for heavy stubble
  • Price is also not so high
  • Easy to use
  • Blade is sharp enough to cut
  • Cordless
  • The only cons we found that is is not washable.
  • You don’t get any cleaning brush, but yeah it’s super easy to clean with some running water.

We have gathered some frequently asked question about this products. Be sure to read them properlyWhat is the longest and shortest settings available for this trimmer?Longest setting is 5 mm and the shortest is 0.4mm.What about the charger?It uses a 3.6V DC 350MA charger.Is this also a body trimmer?No. It’s only for facial hair.Does it help to clean the face completely?No. it is good for maintaining a stubble only.Is this one of the finest trimmer for my stubble?If you really looking for the best shaver for short stubble, yes. This one is our top most recommendation.

Philips Norelco 3500

stubble trimmer

Philips has been in the grooming industry for a long time. And their product does not disappoint people. Right?The Philips Norelco 3500 is the perfect stubble trimmer if you have a limited budget and want some good performance.This hair clipper has a 20 built in length settings which are really a good sign of a trimmer. with an exclusive locking feature, this device certainly provides a precise trimming experience.The device also comes with self-sharpening titanium blades which will provide pure performance & lasting sharpness and also skin friendly.Now, what about the battery life? Well, if you charge for it one hour, it will give you a whopping up to 90 minutes of service. This a far better from a lasting point of view.It has a washable head. Once you did with your shaving you can just wash it under the faucet which is really really handy.

  • Device is washable. (i.e water resistant)
  • Lowest length settings like 0.5mm
  • Value for money product & easy to configure as well
  • They also provide a nice cleaning brush to keep the trimmer functional for a long time.
  • Cordless
  • No counter comb

If you want a great experience and hassle-free shaving Philips Norelco 3500 is good to go device to maintain a five o clock shadow look.Does it have any contour comb?Nope. Although it has a built in an adjustable comb, it does not come with any separate comb.Can you also clean up the back of your neck portion?Yes, you can get down very close for that.

Philips Norelco 7300

Best For Thick Hair

Norelco beard trimmer

With length settings from 1mm to 18mm, Philips norelco beard trimmer is a handy device for beard loving people.

The product comes with two different combs with a cleaning brush and charger. You can use both trimming comb and contour comb if you like.

What’s more interesting?

It has an Integrated vacuum system .Now you may be wondering what the hack it does?

Well, vacuum system captures cut hairs for mess-free trimming. Which means it captures hair inside the trimmer handle as you cut, leaving you with a great look and a clean sink.However, the product is not washable which is a little bit of disappointing, but if you look at the other features the it brings, being washable is not a big deal at all.It also comes with a turbo power boost button which is really great for thicker areas. With a lithium ion battery, you can use it from anywhere between 50 minutes to 75 minutes.By the way, the lasting purely depends on how much you use the power boost button. The build in LED display will show you the notification of charge and setting of length.

  • Contour comb
  • Up to 75 minutes of playing after 60 minutes of charge with it’s rechargeable battery.
  • Time-saving vacuum system.
  • Super comfortable blade
  • A little bit expensive
  • Not washable i.e not water resistant

If you want a suitable device that will work for both as a stubble and beard trimmer then this one is the perfect choice for you. It really does a good job in both areas.Can we tag it as the best one? It all depends on what you want. This device is perfect for both. However, you may see a price difference.Can you play it while charging?Yes, you can. However, we do not recommend it.Does it comes with contour comb?Yes.What are the exact settings length available?From 1mm to 18mm.

Remington MB4040

 Remington trimmer

The company claiming to have solved the problem of fast draining battery of most of the trimmers, this trimmer has some prominent new features which make it unique and worthy. The main features of the trimmer are its lithium ion powered battery to charge it for longer periods. Running time is 120 minutes along with 3 blades which are coated by titanium.

Cordless for better accessibility and with 9 settings for different lengths of the beard. the battery life of Remington MB4040 is a lot better than the rest of the trimmers I’ve tried. The lithium ion battery has high power along with long duration chargeability.The power imparted to the trimmer by the lithium ion battery gives faster trim with better outcome. One time charge gives up to 120 minutes of trimming, serving the user multiple times by only one charge.This has caused convenience for the people as it can be carried on vacations without the hassle of keeping the charger along. Many users find it the best trimmer they’ve ever used for the sole reason of longer charging period.The three separate heads which come with the trimmer are designed to give three different kinds of styles. One is for trimming the beard, second for moustache and the third for maintaining the stubble.This feature provides everything in one go. The ability of one trimmer to give all the different kind of trim is highly convenient and preferable for the users.Many people find this feature to be helpful as they don’t have to keep multiple razors and trimmers for achieving the different looks. Designed thoughtfully for thorough cleaning, the head gets detached for removing the trimmed hair from the blade. The head easily come off and the hairs can be removed and washed away there and then.The precision provided by the trimmer has said to be the finest. It caters to the need of every user by having 9 settings. These 9 settings account for increasing or decreasing the power of the trimmer according to the length desired.If the hair are thick and long and need shortening, the setting to choose would be 7-8, as it operates the trimmer on high power, with sharper blades for smoother trimming up till the required length. Whereas for minor shortening, the setting on the dial can be adjusted accordingly

  • Contour comb
  • Up to 75 minutes of playing after 60 minutes of charge with it’s rechargeable battery.
  • Time-saving vacuum system.
  • Super comfortable blade
  • A little bit expensive
  • Not washable i.e not water resistant

This product lives up to the expectation. It gives smoother and finer shave than most of the other products available. The blades provide clean edge lines where wanted and make every length and style possible.Do you need to use oil?No oil required. Unless you cleaned the blades with water. Then, you need to add couple of drops of oil, and turn on the trimmer for 10 seconds so that the oil will spread. I am saying this because I have read it on the manual.How short does the goatee attachment cut hair?If you use the goatee attachment without the comb attachment, it will be about 1/4″. But the comb attachment lets you increase that over a three settings. Short answer from mere stubble to a nice crop of hair.

The Definition of a Stubble Beard

According to this article, “A man’s facial hair continues to grow even after it has been shaved at or below skin level. These hairs begin to emerge within hours of shaving, and the result is known as beard stubble.“

Reasons To Grow A Stubble Beard

The main reason is obviously attractiveness.Yes. People, mostly women find it more appeal and attractive when a man have a stubble beard compared to clean or full grown beard. A study was done previously and mentioned by science mag. They reported that a group of researcher photographed 10 people.

And those people were having 4 important stages of beard like –

  1. Clean shave
  2. 5 day light stubble.
  3. 10-day heavy stubble
  4. And fully grown beard.

They showed to a total of 528 people including women & heterosexual. Do you want to know the result?We bet you will in shock.Women ranked heavily stubble faces as the most attractive one.Now you may wanna how do I maintain it?Well, in order to maintain, you need a perfect tool. As you have already gone through our top selected best stubble trimmers that is available in the market right now, it’s time to act.

Choosing The Perfect Stubble Trimmers

You can’t just pick anything you want without knowing the proper details. This applies to everything. As we are looking for a specific type of trimmer, we have to be careful about all the features and proper functioning.Finding something that you can be confident about is not a rocket science though. All you need is a little patience and exact knowledge.Here, we are going to help you.In this section, you will learn what you need to look when you are buying a stubble trimmer.

What To Look For When It Comes To Scruff Trimmer?

LengthOne of the very first things you need to look is the length. The shortest the length of a trimmer, the better it is. Our first reviewing product has 0.4mm length which is perfect of most stubble beard.BatterySecond, we need a long lasting battery to match up our lifestyle. We will be using it more often. Right? So, during the purchasing time, make sure you have a good, if not best battery that will give you maximum time to use it.Note: Most device we have recommended here are having their own rechargeable batteries so you don’t need to think about cord or something like that.WashableThis is optional.  If we get all feature at once, good for us. But unfortunately, things can go worse.


This is typically the last option I look for. Now, I am not saying that the design is not an important factor while choosing the best stubble trimmer, but please don’t buy stuff based on looks. I prefer a decent device at good range and should be able to do it’s task without getting me into any trouble. Once I am satisfied with all the features, I go for looks and my decision is working perfectly fine for me. It just takes one simple decision that makes life so easy. Isn’t it?I, generally tend to avoid it. The reason is, I know that there are no such things as perfect. However, if you like to have a machine that not only give you performance but also have a water resistance feature, go with our second recommended item.

A few more things to add on your checklist:

  • Make sure it’s made for stubble
  • Must have a low and short setting

The Definition of a Stubble Trimmer

You may be wondering, is not a beard trimmer and stubble trimmer same thing?Well, not exactly. They have similarities but both have different purpose and can make a huge difference the way you look.See, while most people like to have a full grown beard, the truth is – some people looks way better in a light beard aka five o’clock shadow and for them, a stubble trimmer is perfect option.You do not have to re-invent anything new for your face. Try and test few things and get feedback. Once you are confident about a particular look, just wear it.In fact, we just said that women likes it more compared to other stages of facial hair.

What Do Stubble Trimmers Do

It typically performs better at lengths between 0.5mm & 5mm. It is designed for short or medium length beard.On the other hand, a typical beard trimmer has length setting from 5mm to 15mm. It is designed to use for a longer beards and can be used by heavy lifters, in this case, heavy lifter means people having a long and thick facial hair.Now that you know which one is the best stubble trimmer according to your preference, it’s time to go and get the look. If you wish, you can send a picture of yourself wearing a fuzzy look to us and we would be happy to feature it in future.To do this, heard over to our contact page and email us your photo.Either way, let us know if you have anything in mind. We will try to answer your question as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 5 o’clock shadow & how do you maintain it?5 o’clock shadow or scruffy/fuzzy beard look is actually the same thing. Both words define the process of a stubble looking beard. Some people just call it from their own interpretation.Anyways, to maintain your 5 O’clock shadow or even scruffy look, we recommend you to follow the below steps as carefully as possible:➜ If you already decide to go with five o’clock shadow look, there is no point of shaving. Just grow it for at least 2 weeks.➜ Now, determine your ideal length. This can be very tricky. Follow the instruction given below to find your optimal length.➜ Once you decide, it’s time to get the best stubble trimmer we have mention above and start getting your desired look.➜ Do not forget to trimming your neckline too.What is the ideal & optimal length?There is no typical formula here. Hair style or thickness is different from person to person. What suits for men might not be suitable for you at all. So we advise you to grow it for some days and then decide what ideal length would be fit depending on your face. If you have trouble with it, we recommend to ask with a barber.What are the different types of stubble?Man, I love the way human think. No, seriously, they try to find something even if you think there is no scope. Taking the example of stubble. Do you think there is only one type ? Hell no.There are different types of shadow beard. Such as light, extremely light, heavy etc. & of course, depending on your hair type you want to use different kinds of hair trimmers. But for most people, this listed stubble trimmers will do just fine.Will it suit me?If you ask us, it is a style that suits every man out there. But, the thickness is completely depend on the person’s face and body type. So to achieve a classy style, try few different looks and decide what you like the most.

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Styling Tips To Growing Your Beard

That’s all it. We have tried to put as many details as we can and have listed 3 of the best stubble trimmers that you can purchase right now. However, we have also listed a comparison chart that will help you to decide which one will be perfect for you.

Cutting edge technology bringing more option to us so that we can live a better life. Or shaving experiences are changing too. We need to stay ahead of time. So we will update our guide on a regular basis. To keep notified, you can bookmark this page & come back later for more references.

What is your favorite one? We would love to know. Comment here and let us know


Maintaining Stubble Looks

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