Wahl Lithium-ion 9818: The Review

Review Of : Wahl Lithium ion 9818                                                   Use Of : Overall Groomer

a complete review of wahl lithium ion 9818 model



Overall performance including battery is quite good


Ease of use


Plain & easy going. But a bit of learning curve.


Our rating


Entirely based on our testing & features




Not a high ending price compared to all the feature you get

We Like

  • An overall solution.
  • Nose, Ear Trimming can be done as well.
  • Detachable blade system
  • Included T-blade
  • Around 4 hours of battery back up.
  • Sharp & quick blades.
  • Design is pretty & comfortable
  • Less noisy.
  • Easy to use.

We Don’t Like

  • Although it claims to be a overall solution, it is not perfect in terms of nose and ear trimming. It still needs to work on it.
  • Few people have been complaining that they face issue with on/off switch.
  • It is a cordless trimmer. You can not plug and play.
  • Not a wet trimmer.
  • Charging port is fragile. So, try not to drop.

a complete review of wahl lithium ion 9818 model

Image credit : Wahl Official site

In this Wahl 9818 review, we will provide you everything in and out so that you do not have to scratch your head.

We have reviewed so many independent products here. Majority of them are tested in- house &

We are sure about our views and opinions.

Fun fact, we do not review every single product in the market. The reason is – some product just not good enough to spend time on.

But, recently, the Wahl 9818model has caught our attention and we immediately jumped on it.

Below, you will see a complete review of the wahl 9818 model with all the features, our likes and our dislikes.

We tested it around 10 days [ I know it’s not very long ] but, here is what our promise –

You won’t see any BS tactics and trick. We do not only show you the features but also, what we really didn’t like.

Complete review of the product is a little down of the page. Here, we are just sharing why we think it’s worth listening to us.

In this section, we have answered most of your doubts. Before introducing you all the of the features, you should know:

Get To Know About Wahl Lithium Ion 9818 Model

Know About Wahl Lithium Ion 9818

Who this clipper is for?

Normally, I would have consider it as a similar device but what makes it so special is it’s design & functionality.

I kid you not, it’s a beast. For those, who like to have lots of devices for different purpose, this may not be an option. But for an average guy who has been looking for a well rounded all in one device, it is a deal breaker.

It’s a device for beard, ear, nose & brow. Damn! How cool is that?

Initially, I was very impressed as I do not have to buy another device. In the long run, it may reduce your cost.

Purpose of the device:

As stated earlier, the purpose of the device is to become your Swiss army when it comes to grooming. You can clearly tell that by looking into their function and ability to perform even in the rough situation.

Do we recommend to anyone?

If you are buying trimmer for the first time, you can definitely go for this. Reason is, it will work for ear & nose too. Sure there are better options out there. But price will increase as well.

Should you Buy it?

It depends on your budget and criteria you have selected for yourself. If you are like me, who can tackle everything with just one device, there is no question of getting it.

Is it the perfect trimmer?

To be honest, it’s not perfect at all. Apart from the user benefited features & irresistible functionality, there are few cons as well. Please scroll down to the bottom for all the negative point.

Reviews of Wahl 9818 lithium ion stainless steel all-in-one grooming trimmer:

Features of #9818 Model:


First, let’s talk about the blades. As it is one of the most important factors to choose any trimmer. Why so?

Because, better the blades are, better your shaving experience will be.

Surprisingly, it comes with a T-BLADE. One of the specialities of t-blades is capable of covering bigger areas as well as leaves you a close shave look.

It is great for precision grooming and getting thicker and fine lines.

A detail shaver:

Note that the Wahl 9818 model also serve as a detail shaver. When it comes to grooming your facial hair, they just nail it.

You can expect to see a smooth beard line that is very precise, every time.

Detail Trimmer as well:

Want to trim around your mustache? Or how about creating a “W” style goatee? Detail trimmer is your way of achieving it.

Some people get confused between detail shaver and trimmer. They are almost the same but DT is even more petite.

Ear, Nose, or beard you name it:

I know some people use different grooming devices for different purpose. And that’s perfectly fine. Even I sometimes find myself asking how the hack I have been using all the products at once.

My room is filled with products and I don’t even have time to count.

But, for some people it might be pretty expensive to get devices for different purpose. For example, you do need ear and nose trimmer separately.

Thankfully, if you choose this trimmer, you do not need any extra. This beast will work as your ear trimmer, nose trimmer as well as beard trimmer.

Just because of this feature, I am pleased with the model 9818 and this feature alone can take this tool far ahead above completion.

Battery Performance:

One of the few things I am obsessed with is the performance of battery. Whether it’s a laptop or a trimmer. I just purely focus on the output it’s gonna provide.

While reviewing the battery of wahl 9818, I was pretty impressed and shocked. It takes approx one hour to fully loaded and last for around 4 and half hour.

I think it’s enough to last your trimmer for around one month. Unless you are using it on a regular basis.

The 9818 model also got a flashing warning light in case you run out of charging. Quick wins. Right?


The real deal breaker is its adoptability. It comes with a dual voltage (110v & 220v ). Meaning, no matter where you are, which corner of the world you are no reason for worrying.

What about the sound?

annoying sound trimmers

Well, unlike few trimmers on the market, known for heavy sound, Wahl 9818 seems to be quieter. I know it’s really annoying to have ERRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound.

A small plastic stand is being provided by the company for the placement at your bathroom. Made of plastic but no issue here.

Design & feel:

stainless steel body

I do not need to tell you the design. It is classy with stainless steel body & made a very good impression while I opened it up for the first time.

I looked at where the parts have made. It was based on china but the final assembly is done in here at USA. So no quality compromise here.

It also comes with a 5 year warranty & assurance from the company.

Additional Features :

The wahl 9818 review is made by us to provide everything you need to know from bottom to finish. There are some additional features that we would like to share.

#9818 has been designed with several advanced features to help you get perfect results every time you trim. Your trimmer may be used to neatly trim goatees, beards, moustaches, neckline, sideburns around the ears and eyebrows, or anywhere you may need grooming.

It also makes a great all-around family trimmer for mini haircuts and touch ups between trips to the barber or to clean up the shape of the neck.

A 6-Position Trimming Guide makes achieving a consistent trim easy every time.

The guide can be removed (providing a seventh cutting position) and reattached without changing the pre-set cutting length, so once you have found the perfect length, there’s no guesswork in achieving it every trim.

The trimming guide is a two-piece assembly, consisting of a base and a comb. It should not be disassembled. To attach the guide, simply slide it on at a slight angle and press the release tab down to secure in position.

To remove the guide, gently push up on the release tab and slide the assembly away from the trimmer. Adjust the trimming length by pressing on the thumb lever and moving the comb forward or backward to the desired setting.


A Detachable blade system enables you to quickly change from a standard-width blade for full grooming to a narrow-width blade for detail trimming around a moustache, goatee, or anywhere to define the hair line and clip any stray whiskers.

To remove attachment, simply pull top edge of blade away from body unit. To attach, align back tab of attachment head to cavity on the inner edge of trimmer unit.

Disadvantages Of Wahl 9818

Assuming you are now aware most of the features of the device, can I bring some of your attention to the negativity?

Wahl 9818 review is not all about pros. It’s about cons too.

& we got that covered.

Let me tell you, the trimmer is not perfect at any cost.

Please keep in mind; I have not faced any issue yet. These are commonly known things gathered from public sources that have been using it.

A number of user complaining about it’s on/off switch. Sometimes, you won’t be able to switch it off while sometimes, it just turns on automatically.

9818 model is a cordless trimmer. Meaning you won’t be able to use it at the time of charging. It can be a real pain if you forget to plug it up. But to save you on earth, it has a one minute quick recharge option though.

It is not a wet trimmer and thus using it in the shower could lead to getting water inside the unit. In the long run, it might be a starting point of some serious problem.

Also, the charge port is fragile. So, don’t drop it while it’s plugged in. it may cost you in the long run.

I am yet to experience but some users have complained that they saw a drastic quality issue for the accessories. Not immediately, but in the long run.

Few Key points to keep in mind:

Before using for the first time, it should be allowed to charge overnight before first use.

Be sure the device is in the OFF – 0 position when charging.

If for any reason you find the device is running out of charge, immediately plug it in. It may hurt the internal system of the device.

From time to time, you should be performing a regular maintenance on the device including keeping the blades oiled, clean, and free of debris to prevent taxing the battery.

Under normal use, the rechargeable battery in your trimmer will last from three to five years. If a replacement battery should be necessary. Do not attempt to replace the battery yourself.

Wahl 9818 vs 9854

For those who like to go extra mile, they often compare wahl 9854 & 9818 model. Though, we are not meant to go in-depth details, sharing little comparison between these two models.

Size & Dimension:

Arguably the wahl 9854 is bigger and heavier than the 9818 model. Model 9818 dimension is 1.2” x 1.4” x 6.2”. & weight is set at 12.8 oz.

On the other hand, 9854 is around 15.2 oz with a dimension of 3.1” x 5.5” x 10.5”.

Battery performance:

Both of the devices provide similar experience with its battery. You plug it for one hour & give you a 4 hour runtime.

Both devices are having a one minute quick charge.

Global Feature:

9818 model support global outlets. You go anywhere without any issue. But 9854 is only made for USA outlets.

Rest of the features are almost same.

So, which one you should pick ?

We suggest you go with 9818 as it includes few really components that can make a great deal in future.

Final verdict:

If you need an overall grooming tool, I must say this could be a game changer for you. But, if you need to use it only to maintain a stubble look, you better choose other options.

I like the way company design the whole device. Both in terms of look and quality. My only concern is getting a replacement device if you were to face any issue like we mentioned above.

Till now, I have not faced any issue and I am good.

If you still confused about the price, here is it –


The complete & trusted Review of Wahl 9818 model

There you have it. Our in hand experience. If you have anything in mind, do let us know in the comment section.


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