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Andis Supra ZR



Performance is really high


Ease of use


Little bulky but at the same time slim too.


Our rating


based on our testing & features





We Like

  • Ceramic Blade.
  • Can easily use other detachable blades.
  • Good battery performance. Last for 2 hours almost.
  • Universal charger. Plug in anywhere in the world.

We Don’t Like

  • Device is bulky.
  • The company provide only one blade [ #000 ]
  • Added button can be confusing for first time users.
  • Not a cheap product at all.

Quick Andis Supra ZR Reviews : Made for especially professional stylist, it is one of the top notch devices from Andis. If you are a busy barber and need a Swiss army to attack your day, you got to grab it. It’s on the side of bulky but due to the slimming design you should not have any problem to hold it. We recommend using it mostly on saloons. For home use, we have other guides as well.

This post is all about reviewing the famous andis supra zr cordless clipper.

If you are a professional barber, at some point you probably heard about the company Andis.

Or even, you have been using some of their devices in your professional work as well.

A mistake people seem to make is – they think of Oster when it comes to detachable clippers. Well, we agree that there is no restriction or personal hard feelings.

But, let me tell you one thing: if you consider this demon, [ which in the case is Andis Supra ] you can see some serious game improvement. Moreover, you can play like a boss.

Take a look at the video below. & see some real action :)​

Andis Supra ZR Review : A Fresh2020 Guide For Professionals

Before I proceed to the complete review section, I want to make few things clear. The device is meant for professional use. In case, you want something for your personal, you can take a look at the below guides:


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Again, before we go and explore the features, here are few things you should know:

Who is this clipper for?

The Andis Supra ZR Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper is mainly for professional barber and stylist. They are intense at work thus having a stronger device can make their life really easier.


Even if you are not a professional stylist, & want to use this for personal use there is no boundary for you. It would be a good initial investment for your hair and their inbuilt charging base and stand allow home users like you to keep it handy.

The purpose of the device:

If you need great detail along with some smooth cuts, andis supra zr is for you. The device span across 1800 to 3800 cutting strokes per minute with only one flick of the switch and it’s insane. We do not have to tell the other performance meter as you will be learning all of them in the below section.

Why we love it & recommend to the professionals?

I must admit, it’s a heavy one. Around 1 pound but for me, it’s a bit narrower than other models. Despite bulky structure, I still find it comfortable to hold.

I will be honest as much as possible here. I have used this clipper both on wet and dry hair as well. It works exceptionally well even at the top speed.

The ceramic blade is super sharp and smooths to do any kind of difficult task & fortunately, they have been doing well for me since I bought this device.


On a personal note: They could have given one of more blades extra & I would be happy enough to go out & tell everyone about the device.

The battery lasts for 2 hours once you plug in for 2 hours. That’s enough time for me. You can take out some time in between clients & recharge it as much as possible.

The stand provided by the company actually includes an indicator to let you know about the device charging status. It consists of two colors – Red & Green.

Should you Buy it?

To be honest, the device performs really well for an exclusive professional barber. If you are one of those who has intense amount of work at your place, you don’t need to think twice. Just go for it. Keep in mind it is not just a plug and throws clipper. It is costly, it is bulky, and it is durable.

At the same time, for your home use, you CAN definitely use it but that would be pricey for you. We have something similar for your home use. Check out our guide here.

Now, have a look at the features it includes. There is some sure disadvantage of the product as well. Do not forget to go through them as well. They are at the bottom.

The complete review & demonstration of Andis supra ZR [ model DBLC 79000 ]

Let’s have a quick over view look at it and we proceed to the real gems. Shall we?

If you ask us, it is one of the pick devices from andis. Made for a professional use with extremely light weight, 5-speed motor, and a sharp blade, it is gradually climbing up to the best barber clippers list.

No worries. We will soon publish a monster guide on finding the best barber clippers on this earth.

Features that will make you fall in love with Andis Supra Zr :

Although we are most likely to concern with the actual usability, features are the main driver of choosing cordless clippers. So we went ahead and grab all the required information at your disposal.

SO, here it is:

Consist of Rotary motor:

This feature alone can make you stand apart from the rest of the barber. Why? Because it consists of a 5-speed rotary motor.

We like to highlight that, this is something you won’t see in many cordless clippers. RM is a powerful feature and it is built only to provide you any look you want.

What’s more?

You can play the motor with 5 step speed. As you already know how important role speed plays when it comes to shaving.

For the beginners, here is why you need it. Sometimes, you face circumstances where you need to remove lots of hair fast. I mean, your responsibility is too high at this point.

What do you do?

You speed up the rotary motor and boom.. It will cut hair 10 x times faster without having any issue.


One thing andis do well is they play really well with their blades. This cordless andis supra zr professional hair clipper comes with a #000 blade ( 0.5 mm)

Not ordinary one

But a ceramic one. Meaning, it will cut more precisely while staying cooler and sharper at the same time compared to other devices.

Pretty cool right?

However, if you have other detachable blades, feel free to plug and play with it. You won’t face any issue.

Battery Performance:

A decent battery solution will make life easier right? The device andis supra zr consist of lithium Ion battery. And performance is like 2-2.

Meaning, you charge it for 2 hours and it will provide you complete 2 hours of rundown. As we can clearly see, anyone with this amazing device can do 10 to 15 shaving/trimming easily without having any issue.


It’s a headache. I know, people from other countries would likely to use it too. SO, Andis has made a great decision by putting some extra efforts on the charger.

You get a universal charger which runs on 100-240V & 50-60Hz. No matter where you go, it’s easily accessible & super convenient.


While we can praise for it all day long, it would not be a justice for you, if we fail to deliver some negative point about the device.

From the very first touch, you will definitely feel it a little heavy. It’s an 8.13″ bulky [ weight is about a pound ] device compared to other devices in the market. But at the same time slim too.

Apart from that, you get only one #000 blade. This is really a big minus point. You are getting a device for a healthy price, so providing two extra blades wouldn’t have cost them much.

Meanwhile, the added button can be confusing at times. You know, our testers [ who test things out for you ] find themselves frequently hitting the speed button to power the clipper on/off.

But, we assure, you will get used to it.

Now, the big issue you find is the price. I must tell you, it’s not cheap. You got to spend some money to acquire it.

At the same time, we remind you that it is best for professional use. So, you are a barber or having a shop? Then this investment is minimal compared to what you will get in the long run.

If the company decide to add another blade or two, I would have given it a 5-star rating man. I swear.


With the device itself, you get some regular accessories too. Such as oil, power plug a stand, and your paper work.

We do recommend you check out the paper work well.

Andis supra zr vs oster octane

Confused between andis supra zr & oster octane? No worries.

We will cover that too.

Lately, we have seen professional barbers having a conflict between the two models. Sure both of them have their own terms, pros and cons as well. There is no doubt about that.

But, when it comes to choosing one over another, I recommend the first option. [ andis supra ]

Here is the reason:

First off, andis is way slimmer and quieter compared to oster. The ceramic blades and 5-speed motor offer you amazing versatility over the oster & we bet you would love it as well.

On the other hand, we get to see another picture. In terms of durability, oster going to perform better with its two blades – #1 & #000.

On the flip side, it’s more expensive than andis. But you are getting one more extra blades as well as more batter power. Oster Octane loads up in around one hour and you are getting additional battery slot.

Overall, these are one of the best of the detachable blade cordless clippers at the market. They are awesome.

But, if I had to pick one, I would still go for andis at this moment.

Final verdict :

For those, looking for some intense work, it’s a must have tool in their arsenal. I kid you not, it’s pricey but the value you can extract is beyond limits. The device works exceptionally well even under heavy circumstances.

The only thing we did not like is it’s bulky a bit. That’s all.

Did you find our andis supra zr review useful?

Is there anything we can do for you?

Do let us know in the comment section & we would love to help you out.

Andis Supra ZR

Andis Supra ZR


The images are being collected from andis official site & other parts of the web. [ Not from Amazon ]

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