Panasonic Es8103s ARC3: The Review

Review Of : Panasonic Es8103s ARC3                                                   Use for : Shaving Purpose

Panasonic Es8103s ARC3



Rock solid performance


Ease of use


Easy to use. Even if with your wet hands


Our rating


Rating is based on features & our experience




Not the cheapest, But best at this price range

We Like

  • Blades are sharp.
  • Give you a close shave.
  • Washable.
  • Turbo mode added.

We Don’t Like

  • You will not get any cleaning tools.
  • Makes it harder to clean by yourself if you do not use turbo mode.
  • No extra space for other tools inside the charging box they provide.

Quick Panasonic Es8103s ARC3 Review : For those, who want to have a smoother shaving experience, the device is a real deal. Even more special who have sensitive skin.

Our members have been using it almost 3 weeks and found it really awesome. To know about his experience, you need to read the full review. So, go & check it out.

The Problem Is …..

Let’s face it. Shaving plays a huge role in our day to day life style. It’s an integrated part of how we look from outside.

Now, we know the important, there is one problem though.

Shaving is not always a fun experience. From acne to razor burns, we guys have to go through all of it.

If you are reading this Panasonic Es8103s ARC3 Review guide, chances are you feel the importance of a good device.

No one wants to use a device or razor that will leave your skin looking and feeling like a bumpy, burning mess.

Unfortunately, the majority of people having that experience and the reason is – either they are doing it wrong or they choose the wrong device.


Shaver or razor no matter what you use, based on our experience we can tell you that – if you do not choose a good one, you likely to have a poor experience.

Now, we know the basic, let’s talk about the shavers.

Not all shavers are created equally. Some are good. Some of them are even better by a significant margin.

But, let’s be honest. How to find out which one is good or even worse?

That’s where our team at beard mantra comes in.

Why should you listen to us?

We, test things in our lab. [Our people use it for few weeks and then share the experience without misleading our genuine readers.]

This site is completely dedicated to people like you. We have already posted so many useful articles based on our experience.

One of the main reasons we created the site is to become an authority in our space. So that we can help more and more people.

Before producing anything, we go through hundreds of other related articles, read lots of forum posts, search lots of research paper and manufacture notification. & more importantly, we go through even products.


We buy things up front and then test it. We have people around, who is willing to help us to bring the most valuable content out there.

[ If you want to become a part of it, email us. Details are in our contact us section. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see it. ]

Review of Panasonic Es8103s ARC3

Now, let’s get into the meat.

Today, we are going to review one of the most common and well known shavers from Panasonic. It’s Es8103s.

Introducing Eric.

[But, before diving, I want to introduce you to ERIC. Who is responsible for product testing at beardmantra. From here, he will walk you through his entire experience. So I will see you at the end of the post. ]

Guys, Eric here. I am so glad that I got a chance to share my experience in front of whole internet. & I promise, I will not let you all down.

It is my core responsibility to provide genuine info & I got it from my experience of using the device for 3 weeks.

So, let’s start.

Panasonic es8103s Electric Shaver: A Basic Over View

This is just a quick and basic review at minimal words. I will be sharing everything from the next section.

Panasonic Electric Shaver

The Panasonic es8103s ARC3 was designed using really high quality material with an aesthetic look. The device includes various bells & whistles, made with just a simple goal – to provide a close & pleasant shave.

So, even if you have sensitive skin, you are good to go with it. I have been using ARC 3 for more than 3 weeks and I am happy enough with its performance.

It gives me a close shave and I even feel like I am using a typical razor.

Are you really tired of bad shave? If it’s really you, take some time to read this Panasonic Es8103s ARC3 Review, give it a try. I am 100% sure you will not disappoint.

Features of Panasonic ES 8103S :

Hardware & Design:

Let me start the Panasonic ARC3 review with its design. We already told you that it is one of the most aesthetically designed shavers you will get in this price range.

From the very first look, you will feel like an exclusive piece of trimmer made only just for you. It has two colour combinations.

Actually, it’s a mix of silver and black with very sleek and lightweight.

It is slightly molded on the sides to provide a better grip. Wet hands? No worries too. Its ability to allow a firm grip makes it super convenient to use the device.

Nanotech Blades

Actually, I was quite impressed with the blades. It consists of 3 super high powered nanotech blades that are designed to cut your facial hair smoothly.

Nanotech Blades

Image credit : Panasonic

These are located at 30 degree angle leaving no effort from your end to cut those deep hair from your neck as well.

Moreover, those blades on the pivoting head are made to be hypoallergenic. If you have a sensitive skin, it’s a deal breaker guys.

Flexible pivoting head:

Flexible pivoting head shaver

You are getting a device like this only to experience some hassle free shaving right? They really took care of it and made a flexible head that allows you side-to-side & up-and-down movements. Thus, it can follow the contours of your face for an effortless shave.


No one has time nowadays. Yes. We are busy. You – me, everyone.

Imagine what would happen if we had to clean it up after shaving? The device comes with 100% washable ability and leaves no clue to helping you at each stage.

Just remove the foil from the shaver & switch on the turbo mode to rinse clean and renew blades under running water.

13000 RPM linear motor:

13000 RPM linear motor

Image credit : Panasonic

One of the cool features of the device is the linear motor that can reach 13000 RPM ( Per minute ) to deliver a faster and cleaner experience.

It also cut down all the possible risk of pulling, tugging & irritation.

Turbo cleaning mode:

I always feel something strong & powerful every time I heard the word “Turbo“. Hack..

The device also comes with a turbo cleaning mode. You can easily active it by pressing the power button for 2 seconds.

& the beauty?

The motor starts working at about 17,000 RPM to remove all the hairs from the inside of the shaver.

Easy peasy right?

Consider placing it under running water and you are good to go.

Battery Power:

The Panasonic Es8103S Arc3 comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. I know it from personal experience that once I buy something like electric razor or trimmer, I want it to get charged at a minimal time.

Panasonic Es8103S Arc3

And it certainly does fulfill my expectation. It takes approx one hour to get fully recharged and last for about 45 minutes.

From my experience, time length is perfect for anyone. It also has a quick charge mode. Though, it’s not very reliable.

Pop-Up Shaver:

The es8103s model also equipped with a pop-up trimmer. It is best for long mustache or side burns or even things like acne.

Just simply slide the trimmer to the upwards direction for using it and tuck it down when you are done.

Additional Checklist of Panasonic ES8103S ARC3 model:


A lot of trimmer or shaver ( whatever you call ) from Panasonic does have an automatic cleaning system. It actually quite useful if you ask me.

Unfortunately, this one does not support any kind of cleaning system. Which might be kind of minor disadvantage for some people.

But, for me, the best part is – it’s 100 percent washable. So cleaning does not have to be a headache.

Just press the power button to activate the turbo charger mode and keep it under some running water. It will hardly take few minutes.

Operation: Easily accessible or not?

When I was about to buy it, kind of hesitation kicked me in. I was not completely sure how I would hold it.

In simple terms – is it really accessible even if my hands are wet?

Luckily, it was even better.

On the other hand, the foil part is designed to catch up both short & long hair. No need of fancy imagination.

I also completely agree that few people I talked with said that they find it really difficult for their long hair.

Personally, I have never faced any issue with that.

Now, comes to the real reason you want to buy a shaver like this:

Its performance

Review of Shaving performance of Panasonic Es8103s

Let’s talk.

Design wise it’s pretty solid. We already know that.

But, looks can only go so far.

If I compare some of the shavers in the below or same price range, the device is way more ahead. I have also used other brands.

But, every time I use it, I am highly impressed by the output it brings. Really cool device.

Its ability to give close shave in one stroke without even experiencing any hair pulling or irritation makes it one of the strongest contenders in the men’s grooming tools.

Furthermore, with added bonus like water proof, pop up trimmer, sharp nano tech blades, LCD display makes it extremely popular and convenient trimmer to use.

What about the warranty?

As of now, the device comes with a 2-year warranty. But, please check it once before purchasing.

Checking availability of replacement parts:

I do not buy things unless and until I verify two to three times for parts. Its really annoying. Luckily its Panasonic. A well known brand.

You can always buy additional parts if needed from your local store or even online merchants like Amazon.

What is the disadvantage of ES8103S?

This Panasonic Es8103s ARC3 Review post is not only to show you the absolute best features of the device. There are few disadvantages as well.​

Do you think a human can make a product that is flawless?

Is it even possible to build something that serves every human being on the planet?

I guess, it is not possible.

  • The device does have some sort of cons that we would like to mention before closing the chapter.
  • The product has not any cleaning tools. Makes it a little time to consume to wash it out by yourself.
  • Moreover, if you fail to do it properly, it can be a real pain to clean it up completely.
  • The charging case they provide does not have any extra room for other grooming products.
  • If you do not care properly, chances are it will not last for a long time.

As you can already see, all the disadvantages are in the hand of the user. I never faced any issue after using 3 weeks. Yes, it does have some sort of minor cons but at the same time, it’s providing me a lot of other extra features as well.

Other brands are not able to maintain this level of quality at this price range. So I would suggest you to grab it and give it a try.


Doubts remain in our mind. Right? Here is few extra frequently asked question we got for you.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use it?

Answer : Yup. Definitely. It is also build for sensitive skin. However, we recommend to check out our guide on electric razor for sensitive skin.

Is it possible to use it while charging?

Answer : Please do not do this. It just takes only one hour to get fully load up. If you have any sort of emergency, plug in for 5 to 10 minutes and you are ready to rock for one close shave.

I am a frequent traveler. Is it for me?

Answer : The shaver comes with a universal dual voltage system. You will only need a charger and you are good to go.

What will I get along with the shaver?

Answer: Here are few products you will get along with the shaver itself

  • Foil Shaver cover
  • A travel pouch
  • Rechargeable shaver ac chapter.

Panasonic ES8103S ARC 3 Review: Final Verdict

All though, there is still some small room for improvement, the ES8103S model does its job pretty well. I have been using it and I just love it all day long.

It is a well made product by a reputable brand. If you choose brand, you can eliminates few extra risk right of the bat.

The risk of finding additional parts, warranty and all the other stuff that bothers people all day long can be easily cut off by just upgrading to the ARC3 model.

Overall, it’s a well built product and the way they marketed, I found it similar. It’s worth noting that, there are still people out there who will complain but, it really boils down to your own preference and how you see the world from your perspective.

Have you used it? How did you find our Es8103s review? Is it helpful?

Do let us know in the comment section.

 Es8103s review

Panasonic Es8103s ARC3

[ Panasonic Es8103s ARC3 Review : Updated Today ]

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